YASM Release Notes

Milestone 2 (0.2.0)

Release Date: 3/26/03

Target Audience

Welcome to the second milestone release of The YASM Modular Assembler. As this is only a milestone, it's really not for general use yet, so there are certain to be many bugs and missing features. This release is intended to provide a stable snapshot of YASM development as of 3/26/03. Its target audience includes people who:

What's New

As it's been over a year since Milestone 1 (we will be releasing more often in the future!), quite a lot has changed. Although still limited, YASM is usable for most Win32 or DJGPP targeted projects. Some of the new features include:

As YASM is still under development, there are some caveats and features that do not yet work or are not yet fully functional:

Important Differences from NASM

YASM defaults to reading from standard input and writing to standard output if no files are specified. When an input file is specified, YASM behaves like NASM.

Running YASM

Version Information:

yasm --version

Commandline Help:

yasm --help

Assemble test.asm (using "real" NASM preprocessor) to Win32 object file test.obj:

yasm -f win32 test.asm

Assemble test2.asm (which needs to be preprocessed with -I) to COFF object file test2.o:

nasm -e -Iinclude test2.asm | yasm -r raw -f coff -o test2.o