YASM Release Notes

Milestone 3 (0.3.0)

Release Date: 9/4/03

Target Audience

Welcome to the third milestone release of The YASM Modular Assembler. As this is only a milestone, it's really not for general use yet, so there are certain to be many bugs and missing features. This release is intended to provide a stable snapshot of YASM development as of 9/4/03. Its target audience includes people who:


New features in this release:

The primary new feature in this milestone is ELF support for both 32-bit and 64-bit (AMD64) targets. YASM at this point should be usable for Win32, DJGPP, and general UNIX-like OS targeted projects. Some of the new features include:

Features available in previous version of YASM include:

Important Differences from NASM

Known Issues

As YASM is still under development, there are some caveats and features that do not yet work or are not yet fully functional. The following are the known issues at the time of release:

Download YASM

A number of download forms are available. For Windows and DOS users, we recommend downloading the prebuilt binaries. The source tarball contains all sources needed to build YASM on UNIX-compatible systems, Windows, and DOS.

Compiling YASM

On UNIX-compatible operating systems, YASM builds using the standard "./configure; make; make install" commands. GNU make is not required. While YASM development requires a larger toolchain (see the HACKING file), building YASM should not require more than just a C compiler.

For Windows and DOS systems, we recommend simply downloading the prebuilt executables. However, for those that want to build YASM directly using DJGPP, CygWin, or Visual C++ 6.0, Makefiles and all required specialized files are provided in the Mkfiles/ directory of the distribution tarball.

Running YASM

Version Information:

yasm --version

Command Line Option Help:

yasm --help

Assemble test.asm (using "real" NASM preprocessor) to Win32 object file test.obj:

yasm -f win32 test.asm

Assemble test2.asm to AMD64 ELF object file test2.o:

yasm -m amd64 -f elf test2.asm