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Cankiri is a single file screen recorder for Linux and other systems that run GStreamer 0.10 and PyGTK 2.8 licensed under the GNU GPL version 2. It was inspired by Zaheer Abbas Merali's Istanbul, and aims to have lighter weight deployment than Istanbul.


Running Cankiri will add an icon to your notification area if you have one, or substitute a small window. Cankiri will immediately prompt you to begin recording. Choose the destination filename, as well as any desired options, and click OK to begin. Click the icon again to stop and complete your video. Right click the icon to access other operations including Quit.


Download cankiri-0.1.tar.gz, unpack, and save wherever you want your programs to live. Add any desired links, launchers, etc. If you're feeling mildly adventurous, you can grab it from subversion instead:


If this ever catches on I'll consider a real bug tracker. For now I'll just follow what Istanbul fixes. <evil grin>

Known Issues

Replacing it with os.environ.get("USER") on line 250 resolves the problem. This is already fixed in svn and will be released in 0.2.


Version 0.2: 2006 August 6

Version 0.1: 2006 July 30