7.4. Map Files

Map files may be generated in bin via the use of the [MAP] directive. The map filename may be specified either with a command line option (--mapfile=filename) or in the [MAP] directive. If a map is requested but no output filename is given, the map output goes to standard output by default.

If no [MAP] directive is given in the input file, no map output is generated. If [MAP] is given with no options, a brief map is generated. The [MAP] directive accepts the following options to control what is included in the map file. More than one option may be specified. Any option other than the ones below is interpreted as the output filename.

Includes the input and output filenames, origin (ORG value), and a brief section summary listing the VMA and LMA start and stop addresses and the section length of every section.
sections , segments
Includes a detailed list of sections, including the VMA and LMA alignment, any follows settings, as well as the VMA and LMA start addresses and the section length.
Includes a detailed list of all EQU values and VMA and LMA symbol locations, grouped by section.
All of the above.