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Bento: Week 2 Posted 2008.01.21 20:37 PST (#)

Maybe week-by-week is the way to do this. It seems to better match when I have the energy to write it up, at least. My second week of bentos was primarily more of the same from the first week, but with a new partner: Yvo's Kickin' Chicken, which I made with an approximate 2/3 recipe of RecipeGal's BBQ Sauce.

All in all I didn't learn as much this week. I did learn that turmeric needs to be cooked into the rice if you're going to bother, and that Kickin' Chicken deserves the reverence Yvo continually pays it. And that sesame seeds are still fun, even if they make the pictures larger.


Monday I kept some simple favorites, and tried out the Kickin' Chicken I'd prepared Sunday night. It was yummy, and the plain rice was the perfect foil for the strong BBQ taste.


Speedbump #1: We used up all the grape tomatoes, which I love so much, Monday night and hadn't replaced them yet.

Tuesday I had gotten it in my head the night before to try some vaguely Indian spices, so I added ground cumin, coriander, and turmeric to already cooked brown rice. In retrospect at least the turmeric should have been added before cooking the rice. And perhaps I should have used some ground ginger as well. The Kickin' Chicken rescued it.


Speedbump #2: Wednesday we were still out of grape tomatoes. I'd used up my seaweed salad on Tuesday (yay, no more missing toothpicks!), only to find we'd also eaten all our baby carrots. I was way too tired to chop up real carrots, though, so I found a substitute. At least I'd thawed some more fruit.

Note to self: I still need to use up the chickpeas I opened for this bento.


What can I say? Thursday's bento is a clear combination of several of my favorites. I've loved fried rice for years, and Kickin' Chicken was my new love. No complaints, other than I really should chop up some onion for my fried rice—it's so flat without it.


I took a vacation Friday, and didn't make a bento. Instead I fought with my laptop, installing a memory upgrade only to find that a Windows Update (or other as yet unconfirmed alignment of heavenly bodies) had deleted the system file psapi.dll, preventing my laptop from successfully booting. Thanks to help from friends at work, I was able to track this down instead of needing to do a full repair. It's good to have developer friends who know how to think Windows...

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