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Bento: week 4 Posted 2008.02.04 20:49 PST (#)

Four weeks already? I wonder if I'm counting weeks into 2008, or weeks into bento...


Monday I mostly finished off left-overs, but treated myself to some sliced cucumber this time. The ume is grand, as was the stir-fry. It's kinda funny that all these years I've disliked smaller onions because I was cooking dinner for three or four people. But now that I'm cooking lunch for one, they're perfect. Also, instead of my usual two-egg tamago-yaki, I made a three-egg because there were three eggs left in the carton. That'll save me some time tomorrow.


This miso-chicken over rice on Tuesday was awesome. There's nothing like upping the flavor of cooked chicken with a little miso. But I'm out of my usual add-ins, so this bento was a little more boring than usual after the chicken.


Wednesday was this week's bean day! Nothing special to report. Except that I'm still out of my usual add-ins; maybe I'll stop at a store and pick something up... I pulled some fruit out of the freezer this morning, and while it does wonders for the fruit's appearance, it's certainly much less convenient.


Time for a change - enough rice bentos! Thursday I made a soba bento, inspired by poor memory of yakisoba recipes, and made without consulting any. It was tasty goodness, but I don't have a clue how close it was to a real yakisoba. Probably almost nothing like it, really. Since it was snowing something fierce, I didn't head to any good bento supply stores on the way home.


Vacation! After the wonderful drive home Thursday night, slip sliding around on snowy roads, I wasn't particularly interested in going to work. I worked from home, and was too lazy to make a bento. Perhaps four a week is better for me. As I write this the following Monday, they're talking about a reprise of the snow storm Tuesday-Wednesday. Lucky us!

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