Chapter 16. win64: PE32+ (Microsoft Win64) Object Files

Table of Contents

16.1. win64 Extensions to the SECTION Directive
16.2. win64 Structured Exception Handling
16.2.1. x64 Stack, Register and Function Parameter Conventions
16.2.2. Types of Functions
16.2.3. Frame Function Structure
16.2.4. Stack Frame Details
16.2.5. Yasm Primitives for Unwind Operations
16.2.6. Yasm Macros for Formal Stack Operations

The win64 or x64 object format generates Microsoft Win64 object files for use on the 64-bit native Windows XP x64 (and Vista x64) platforms. Object files produced using this object format may be linked with 64-bit Microsoft linkers such as that in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 in order to produce 64-bit PE32+ executables.

win64 provides a default output filename extension of .obj.

16.1. win64 Extensions to the SECTION Directive

Like the win32 format, win64 allows you to specify additional information on the SECTION directive line, to control the type and properties of sections you declare.