Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
oCyasm_arch_machineYASM machine subtype
oCyasm_arch_moduleYASM architecture module interface
oCyasm_assoc_data_callbackYASM associated data callback structure
oCyasm_bytecodeA bytecode
oCyasm_bytecode_callbackBytecode callback structure
oCyasm_dbgfmt_moduleDebug format module interface
oCyasm_dir_helpDirective valparam parse helper structure
oCyasm_directiveDirective list entry structure
oCyasm_expr__itemExpression item
oCyasm_listfmt_moduleYASM list format module interface
oCyasm_objectAn object
oCyasm_objfmt_moduleObject format module interface
oCyasm_overridesStructure of functions that can be overridden
oCyasm_parser_moduleYASM parser module interface
oCyasm_preproc_moduleYASM preprocesor module interface
oCyasm_scannerRe2c scanner state
oCyasm_stdmacStandard macro structure for modules that allows association of a set of standard macros with a parser/preprocessor combination
oCyasm_valparamValue/parameter pair
|\Cyasm_paramParameter value
\Cyasm_valueA value