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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
|o*arch.hYASM architecture interface
|o*assocdat.hYASM associated data storage (libyasm internal use)
|o*bytecode.hYASM bytecode interface
|o*coretype.hYASM core types and utility functions
|o*dbgfmt.hYASM debug format interface
|o*errwarn.hYASM error and warning reporting interface
|o*expr.hYASM expression interface
|o*file.hYASM file helpers
|o*floatnum.hYASM floating point (IEEE) interface
|o*hamt.hHash Array Mapped Trie (HAMT) functions
|o*intnum.hYASM integer number interface
|o*linemap.hYASM virtual line mapping interface
|o*listfmt.hYASM list format interface
|o*objfmt.hYASM object format module interface
|o*parser.hYASM parser module interface
|o*preproc.hYASM preprocessor module interface
|o*section.hYASM section interface
|o*symrec.hYASM symbol table interface
|o*valparam.hYASM value/parameter interface
|\*value.hYASM value interface
\*libyasm.hYASM library primary header file