Chichiri's Guide to Bleach
Voice Actors and Actresses

Voice Actors and Actresses

This page provides a list of the major Bleach voice actors and actresses. Because of the large number of voice actors and actresses for major characters, they have been divided alphabetically by last name. Each entry is as follows:

Last Name, First Name (Name in Japanese Characters)

Former/Real Name: Only appears if the voice actor or actress uses a stage name. (Name in Japanese Characters)
Bleach Character(s): Link to character(s) here
Birthday: Date here
Hometown: Town here
Height: Empirial (Metric)
Blood Type: Type here
Hobbies: Only listed if some are known
Website: Only listed if an official one exists. It will be in Japanese.
Other Major Roles: Only appears if other major roles exist

Anime SeriesCharacter Name
Romanized [Translated]Name here

Currently this list is incomplete.