Chichiri's Guide to Bleach


Tite Kubo, the manga author, has an obvious interest in music judging from the titles of the manga chapters and because every character he gives a biography on has at least one "theme song." This page lists information on the songs associated with Bleach. Because of the amount of music, it has been divided into Anime Openings and Endings, Anime Character Singles, Character Theme Songs, and Original Soundtrack Listings.

A song entry is as follows:

Song Title (If in Japanese characters, romanized title here) [Translated title here if not in English]

Artist: Group Name/Artist Name.
Album: Album Title.
Episodes: A list of the episodes it aired on. Only appears if it was used in the anime.
Character: A link to the character this is a theme song for. Only appears if it is a theme song.

Original Language Lyrics: The language the song is in will be listed. This only appears if there is lyrics for the song. For Japanese songs, this section will appear twice: once with Japanese characters and once romanized (so English speakers can at least read the pronounciation.) English words are in italics and words that were in katakana are capitalized.
English Translation: Translation of the song lyrics. Only appears if the lyrics are in a language other than English. Words in italics were in English in the original lyrics.

For all of the anime songs, the version of the lyrics is the long version (except for those not yet released as a single), not the one shown in the anime. Anime background music songs were written by Shiro Sagisu (鷺巣 詩郎). A few of the song lyrics have been transcribed by ear and may contain errors. Corrections to either the song lyrics or translations are welcome. If you wish to use any of the song translations, please contact Chichiri and ask permission first.

Original Soundtrack Track Listings

TV Animation BLEACH Original Soundtrack 1

  1. on the precipice of defeat
  2. *~アスタリスク~TV version (仮)
  3. comical world
  4. oh so tired
  5. head in the clouds
  6. ditty for daddy
  7. creeping shadows
  8. raw breath of danger
  9. enemy unseen
  10. will of the heart
  11. requiem for the lost ones
  12. Nothing Can Be Explained
  13. burden of the past
  14. destiny awaits
  15. catch-22
  16. heat of the battle
  17. blaze of the soul reaper
  18. battle ignition
  19. never meant to belong
  20. storm center
  21. Number One
  22. going home
  23. Life is Like a Boat for TV EDIT FAST ver.(仮)
  24. peaceful afternoon
  25. サンキュー!! TV version(仮)