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This page is still under construction so the information here isn't guaranteed to be accurate yet. Please come back later!

Regarding Spoilers

(!) indicates that some of the information for that entry has been censored. This text can be read by highlighting the area before (!) and after the last text to appear in the entry. There also may be links to other entries, which most likely also contain censored information, or links to spoiler images. Minor extra chapters, minor events, or side stories that were not included in the English manga or in the anime are not considered spoilers and will not be in white text. If an entire entry including the entry title has been censored out, the beginning of that entry will start with (+).

Unfortunately if you are using a text-only webbrowser all of the spoilers will display in normal text because most of the spoiler coding is done with cascading style sheets.

If you came across spoiler information that was not marked by (!) please let Chichiri know. When emailing, please include the exact page that the information was on as well as the information in question.

About This Site

This site was designed using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 with an optimum resolution of 800x600 or higher. There is no text-only version of this page, and it's highly recommended that you not try to view it with a text-only webbrowser because certain things will display in a very confusing manner.

Chichiri's Guide to Bleach is a complete reference guide for both the Bleach anime and the Bleach manga. It was never intended to be a shrine to Bleach or any individual character of Bleach, so if you are looking for image galleries, fanfiction, media files and the like, please see the links section. It also has no information on the Bleach musical, audio dramas, or merchandise (aside from the CDs, DVDs, and manga volumes).

Here is a brief description of the various sections for the site:

What's New

August 8, 2005 - All the pages are now up. However, because most of the anime episode summaries and some of the manga chapter summaries are not complete, content is still very much subject to change on all pages, especially in the plot summary section. There is also most likely more layout tweaking to come as well.

August 6, 2005 - Everything except the parts of the plot section is up and validated. Woohoo! However, not all content is up to date since I need to do much more plot summaries (especially of anime episodes). More is sure to be added as summaries are completed. Tweaked more with the overall site design and the javascript. Removed the second spoiler setting control panel on the index page since it was redundant.

August 5, 2005 - Added links to the new volume 18 on existing plot summary pages.

August 4, 2005 - Fixed a problem with anchor links sometimes not going to the correct position in the document. Uploaded another page and fixed a few other pages.

August 3, 2005 - Cleaned up the javascript and stylesheet code yet again, tweaked the pages that already have been uploaded, and added a few more pages.

August 2, 2005 - Cleaned up the javascript and stylesheet code, tweaked the pages that already have been uploaded, and added a few more pages.

July 30, 2005 - Uploaded a couple of the pages for betatesting.


Thanks to the members of Soul Society and Bleach Fact on Livejournal. Much of the more obscure information, such as birthdays, was found posted in these two communities.

Media Policy

This page will never have links to any scanlations, raw manga chapters, music files, or anime episodes. There are some images of characters on certain pages of this website, but it is not meant to be an image gallery and will never have many images or large ones. All of the images on this site were drawn by the manga author, Tite Kubo, or the anime production staff.


Almost every term has been translated into English, but certain terms were intentionally left in Japanese because the translated name does not convey the concept well. None of the meanings for character or weapon names have been translated because the meaning of the names are not needed for the plot. However, Japanese character versions of all names have been provided. All episode/chapter titles in italics have been translated, while the rest were originally in English to start with. All song translations were done by the webmaster, but in some cases official song lyrics couldn't be obtained so they were transcribed by ear before being translated, meaning there may be gross mistakes in both lyrics and translations for a few of the songs. Please ask permission from Chichiri before using any of the song lyrics elsewhere.

Corrections and Comments

Corrections, comments, and suggestions about this webpage are all welcome, so if you have any, please email Chichiri.