Chichiri's Guide to Bleach


A hollow is a bad spirit, which resembles a monster. Hollows come in many different forms with many different abilities, but they always have two distinguishing features: 1) white masks covering their faces and 2) holes in their chests where their chains of fates used to be. Hollows are instinctual beings and are hungry to fill the emptiness in their hearts by eating high density souls (in other words someone with high spiritual powers). They first go after their family members and after that will eat any high density spirit, living or dead, they come across. If a hollow is cut by a soul cutter then it will be cleansed of its sins after death and go to Soul Society, where it can live as a normal spirit. A plus can become a hollow if its chain of fate totally erodes away, if a hole is forced to open in its chest where the chain of fate connects to its body, or if it is not protected from a hollow. Turning into a hollow is a very painful. Usually it begins with the spirit deconstructing and reconstructing elsewhere and then forming a mask over its face.

This page contains a list of all the known hollows which have featured prominently.

Acid Wire

[Acid Wire Picture] Family: Orihime Inoue (younger sister). Other family not known.
Power: Can shoot acid out of his mouth.
Bounty: None
Voice Actor: Yuuji Ueda

Used to be Sora Inoue. He had an unusual scaled tail that is difficult to cut. This hollow chose to cut himself using the soul cutter of Ichigo Kurosaki and go to Soul Society so he wouldn't hurt his younger sister.

See the entry on Sora Inoue for more information.

Earth-Bound Spirit Hollow

[Earth-Bound Spirit Hollow Picture] Powers: It can run up walls and spit goo that hardens instantaneously.
Bounty: Unknown
Voice Actor: Susumu Chiba

This hollow is neither smart nor very dangerous. It used to be an earth-bound spirit at the abandoned hospital in Karakura until "Ghost Bust" was filmed there and Misao "Don" Kanonji excerbated the hole in its chest. Afterwards it was cut by Ichigo Kurosaki and sent to Soul Society.

Fishbone D

[Fishbone D Picture] Powers: None
Bounty: None

Attacked Ichigo and his family at his house before he became a shinigami. This hollow was cut by Ichigo Kurosaki and sent to Soul Society.

Grand Fisher

[Grand Fisher Picture] [Grand Fisher Without His Mask Picture] Power: Has a lure attached to its head which can be made to look like a person, luring those who can see it closer to the hollow so it can eat their souls. Its claws can let it look into someone's memories and then it will make the lure look like whoever that person cares about the most (and thus cannot hurt no matter what). If the hollow's main body is damaged, it can retreat into its lure. It can also shoot out its hands for an attack and hair-like fibers to bind others.
Bounty: Unknown
Voice Actor: Chafurin

This old hollow prefers the souls of women over men and is responsible for the death of Masaki Kurosaki. It has killed many shinigami and is extremely dangerous. After being injured by Ichigo Kurosaki it had its mask removed, though this was not shown in the anime, and became an allankar. This hollow was cut by Isshin Kurosaki and sent to Soul Society. (!) This hollow has evaded shinigami for 54 years and is still at large.


[Hexapodus Picture] Powers: None
Bounty: None

Not very dangerous. Attacked a child plus at Karakura Park. This hollow was cut by Ichigo Kurosaki and sent to Soul Society.

(+) Hollow Ichigo

[Hollow Ichigo Picture]
[Picture Here]
Powers: Can use Zangetsu
Bounty: None

This hollow is actually part of Ichigo Kurosaki and does not have a name. At first Ichigo was unaware of its existence as it lives in his mind like the physical manifestation of Zangetsu, but over time it has been growing in strength and is threatening to overwhelm Ichigo and take over and has managed to come out once when Ichigo was in danger. It looks exactly like him except it wears white shinigami clothes and the whites of its eyes are black. Most likely it is also responsible for those times when the hollow mask has saved Ichigo from getting killed. Each time this hollow saves Ichigo its mask gains a black stripe.

See the entry on Ichigo Kurosaki for more information.


(+) Huge Hollow

[Huge Hollow Picture]
[Picture Here]
Powers: It can hide its spirit aura.
Bounty: Unknown

This hollow is extremely dangerous. It is the result of experiments in shinigaminization by Sousuke Aizen. This hollow was cut by either Sousuke Aizen or Gin Ichimaru after attacking Shuuhei Hisagi, Momo Hinamori, Renji Abarai, and Itzuru Kira.


Menos Grande

[Menos Grande Picture] Powers: Cero (a beam of energy shot from its mouth) and eating other hollows.
Bounty: Unknown

This giant hollow stands as tall as skyscrapers and is made up by thousands of hollows piling together and mixing. It usually takes an elite force of shinigami to kill one of these, but one was injured singlehandedly by Ichigo Kurosaki and forced to retreat.


[Octopussy Picture] Powers: It can shoot seeds out of its head, which bury into humans and allow it to control them against their will.
Bounty: Unknown
Voice Actor: Youko Zawaumi

This hollow is very dangerous. It was sliced in half by Orihime Inoue after it injured and took control of many of her classmates, including her friends Tatsuki Arisawa and Chizuru Honsho.


[Shrieker Picture] [Companions Picture] Powers: It can fly and make dog-like companions (shown in the second picture) that are filled with explosive leeches. The leeches only explode when it vibrates its tongue like a tuning fork.
Bounty: 5000 credit
Voice Actor: Hisao Egawa

He was a serial killer in life and continued as one in death. He is extremely cruel, in particular torturing Shibata Yuuichi because he was responsible for the hollow's death. It has killed two shinigami. This hollow was cut by Ichigo Kurosaki and it descended into Hell.

Unnamed Hollow 1

[Unnamed Hollow 1 Picture] Powers: Its tentacles can stretch and the tips are sharp enough to cut.
Bounty: Unknown

For some unknown reason this centipede-like hollow attacked some students at Karakura Primary. This hollow was cut by Ichigo Kurosaki and sent to Soul Society.

Unnamed Hollow 2

[Unnamed Hollow 2 Picture] Powers: None
Bounty: Unknown

This hollow is neither smart nor very dangerous. It was punched to death by Yasutora "Chad" Sado.

(+) Unnamed Hollow 3

[Unnamed Hollow 3 Picture]
[Picture Here]
Powers: Once a day it can shatter soul cutters and it can also take over the bodies of others. If it is a spiritual body, the hollow will absorb the mind and memories of its victim and they will become inseparable.
Bounty: Unknown

This hollow has killed many shinigami and is extremely dangerous. It is the result of experiments in shinigaminization by Sousuke Aizen and is known to have caused the death of Kaien Shiba's wife and her entire squad, as well as shattering Kaien Shiba's soul cutter Nejibana and taking over his body. Afterwards Rukia Kuchiki cut the hollow in Kaien Shiba's body, killing both.