Chichiri's Guide to Bleach

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We think the flower on the precipice is beautiful
Because the precipice stops our feet
We have no fear, like that flower
Because we cannot advance to the sky

  1. Dead Black War Cloud
  2. Like the Flower on the Rock Wall
  3. Split Under The Red Stalk
  4. Nobody Beats
  5. Dominion
  6. The Undead
  7. Spring, Spring, Meets The Tiger
  8. Cause for Confront
  9. Heat in Trust

    0.8 a wonderful error
    Extra: RADIO-KON☆BABY!! 3 (Guest: Uryuu Ishida)

Author's Comments

Every year at the end of year I'm in a festival-like event called "Jump Festa." This year after I got off the stage there, for the first time I took a look around the meeting hall. At that time I received a lot of cheering from the fans from behind, but for some reason I was embarrassed and couldn't turn around even once. I'm really sorry. At times like this I wonder what I should do... Should I wave my hand...? Somehow that doesn't feel quite the same...


General Overview

Hanatarou and Ganjuu manage to grab Ichigo and duck back into the sewers before anyone else arrives on the scene. They discover Ichigo was saved again by the hollow mask. Renji, on the other hand, is discovered soon after and is brought back to headquarters to be treated. However, Byakuya is not sympathetic at all and orders Renji to be thrown into jail. But he still receives medical care thanks to Gin Ichimaru. After Gin leaves, Hitsugaya shows up to warn Momo, who was there with Renji, to watch herself around Gin and the 3rd division.

Later Momo receives special wartime instructions for shinigami to carry their soul cutters in the city. She goes to see Aizen for comfort (off duty) and ends up falling asleep there while Aizen writes a letter. Later Aizen leaves, and someone can be seen trailing him. When Momo wakes up she realizes she's late to a meeting and takes a shortcut, only to be horrified by the sight of a bloody Aizen nailed to the wall of a building, dead. Gin and others show up moments later because of her screams. She immediately jumps to the conclusion that Gin is responsible because of Hitsugaya's earlier warning and attacks him, but is blocked by Itzuru Kira, lieutenant of the 3rd division. Just as Momo releases her soul cutter and things begin to get ugly, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto show up to separate the combatants. Because Momo is being so irrational, she's locked up in jail, but when the letter Aizen was writing is discovered to be addressed to Momo, Matsumoto dutifully delivers it (rather than handing it over to an inquiry board to examine it.) Momo is shocked by its contents, as it tells her Aizen's theories about a conspiracy!

Meanwhile, back in the sewers Ichigo and Ganjuu have both recovered from their injuries thanks to Hanatarou, and the three leave again to make a second attempt to save Rukia. This time they end up meeting Kenpachi Zaraki, captain of the 11th division. Ichigo tells Ganjuu to go on ahead with Hanatarou and save Rukia while he delays Zaraki (since Ichigo is the only one who has any chance of even delaying Zaraki) so they go on without him. Once they're gone Zaraki offers Ichigo a free hit before they start really fighting. Ichigo's at first wary of the offer, but accepts, only to be stunned when his hit doesn't even scratch Zaraki. And to add insult to injury, Ichigo is the one who ends up all bloody instead.

While all this is going on Chad is beating up a lot of shinigami by a storage room and then runs into Shunsui Kyoraku and Nanao Ise, captain and lieutenant of the 8th division, who have orders to capture Chad. Neither Chad nor Shunsui want to fight, but on the other hand neither want to back down so it eventually comes to blows - Chad doing all the punching and either getting stopped cold or having Shunsui dodge. Because of Chad's persistence and putting his life on the line, Shunsui eventually draws his soul cutters (he has a pair of them). Chad recalls a promise he made with Ichigo: that since Chad won't fight for himself, he will fight for Ichigo and Ichigo will fight for Chad. If either of them ever put their life on the line for someone, so will the other. Chad thinks he cannot lose because of the promise, but gets sliced in the chest by Shunsui and collapses.


In Depth Summaries

  1. (+) Dead Black War Cloud
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Renji Abarai, Sousuke Aizen, Momo Hinamori, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Gin Ichimaru, Itzuru Kira, Sajin Komamura, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Shunsui Kyouraku, Ganjuu Shiba, Fong Soi, Kaname Tousen, Retsu Unohana, Hanatarou Yamada, Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits, Meeting Hall
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - 1st division, 3rd division, 4th division, 13 Gotei Divisions, captain, holding cell, shinigami, soul cutter, lieutenant

    Ichigo collapses and Ganjuu and Hanatarou rush forward to treat him. Hanatarou wonders what kind of person Ichigo is to be able to beat Renji. Then he notices someone is coming, so they quickly grab Ichigo and leave. It turns out that the person coming was Kira with some underlings, searching for Renji. He's stunned that Renji was defeated, but when asked if they should pursue whoever ran, tells the underlings not to because saving Renji's life is more important.

    Ganjuu and Hanatarou have fled back into the sewers, where Hanatarou, as a member of the 4th division (the medics) treats him. Although Ichigo's wounds are bad, he can be healed in one night.

    Meanwhile, Kira has returned with Renji, and Momo is shocked to see his condition. Kira regrets not arriving sooner to help Renji, but they decide to contact the 4th division and the higher officials. However, Byakuya arrives just then and orders that he be thrown into a holding cell because he shouldn't have lost no matter what and will just get in the way. Momo is shocked and tries to protest, but then Kira apologizes to Byakuya and she follows suit. After Byakuya is gone, Gin suddenly comments that he was scary and that he will help contact the 4th division for them. Then he and Kira leave. Moments later Hitsugaya shows up, startling Momo when he asks how Renji got so beat up. Once she calms down he warns her to beware of the 3rd division, mostly Gin, but Kira as well.

    Gin has gone to the general of the 13 Gotei Divisions and captain of the 1st division, Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, along with the other captains. For the moment he will overlook Gin's crime in lieu of more important matters. For the time being all shinigami are to have their soul cutters out at all time and will be allowed to go all out in battle since they're already down one lieutenant. He then dismisses them by telling them to tell those who didn't attend the meeting.

  2. (+) Like the Flower on the Rock Wall
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Renji Abarai, Sousuke Aizen, Momo Hinamori, Shuuhei Hisagi, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Tetsuzaemon Iba, Itzuru Kira, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rangiku Matsumoto, Ganjuu Shiba, Hanatarou Yamada
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Souls, 6th division holding cell
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - 3rd division, shinigami, soul cutter, lieutenant

    Ichigo has recovered enough to regain consciousness, but although he's not recovered enough to move around he still stands up and begins walking off. The only way to get him to stay is for Ganjuu to punch him out cold. Hanatarou complains that it's something else he needs to heal, but inside he's amazed Ichigo's alive at all. He then eyes Ichigo's hollow mask (now whole with another stripe on it) and thinks it saved him from getting killed by that strike on his left side. He's bothered by the mask, though, wondering what it's made of and why it resembles a hollow mask so much. We then see the title page: Aizen on a bridge.

    In the holding cell, the 4th division's treatment on Renji has been completed and they leave. Meanwhile special wartime instructions are issued, allowing shinigami to carry their soul cutters in the city and allowing them to use full power in combat. Momo wonders if it's better for them to be peaceful rather than this and thinks about Hitsugaya's warning to her about the 3rd division.

    Later Aizen is writing a letter out of uniform when Momo arrives, also out of uniform, and asks to talk, apologizing for coming so late at night. She apologizes for always messing up and then he invites her inside, where he tells her that Renji is doing better. Although Byakuya wanted to demote him, others protested so he'll even keep his position when he returns to duty. Momo is glad she came because Aizen calms her. She then falls asleep and Aizen, now in uniform, leaves during the night. As he walks away, someone's foot can be seen following him.

    When Momo awakes because of an alarm clock, she apologizes for falling asleep, but Aizen is nowhere to be seen. She quickly gets into uniform, wondering why Aizen didn't bother waking her when it's so late. She decides to take a shortcut down a blocked off path to make up time, but is shocked at what she sees and screams. The other lieutenants hear her and run to investigate, only to be as shocked as she is. Aizen is a bloody mess, nailed high up on a wall.

    The last page shows a flower growing out of a vertical wall.

  3. (+) Split Under The Red Stalk
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Momo Hinamori, Shuuhei Hisagi, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Gin Ichimaru, Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Itzuru Kira, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rangiku Matsumoto, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Ganjuu Shiba, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits
    Released Soul Cutters - Tobiume, Wabisuke
    Relevant Terminology - 3rd division, captain, release, soul cutter, lieutenant

    The title page shows shots of Ichigo's, Orihime's, Ishida's, Chad's, Ganjuu's, and Hanatarou's faces.

    As Momo continues to scream Gin Ichimaru shows up and asks what's wrong. She recalls Hitsugaya's warning about him and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he must be responsible. As she rushes to attack Gin, he just stands there smiling. Luckily for him Kira steps in to block. Momo demands that he step aside but he refuses because as lieutenant of the 3rd division he can't allow anyone to point a sword at his captain. Momo then releases her soul cutter and Kira is stunned. There's an explosion as Kira tells her to not mix personal matters and business, but she hurls a fireball at him and he's forced to release his as well. However they're stopped when Hitsugaya comes between them and tells neither of them to move. He orders both of them restrained so Kira is grabbed by Shuuhei and Momo is grabbed by Matsumoto and Iba. He then says he'll report it to the commander as Gin apologizes for his subordinate causing trouble. Hitsugaya asks Gin if he was planning on killing Momo and threatens to kill him if he makes her shed one drop of blood. Gin doesn't seem too frightened by it, though.

    In the sewers Ganjuu wakes up to find Hanatarou asleep, drooling on his leg. When he stands up and complains, Ichigo tells him to let Hanatarou sleep because he's really tired. As promised, Ichigo is healed. And after he was done with Ichigo Hanatarou healed Ganjuu as well, which is why he was so tired. Outside the silhouette of Kenpachi Zaraki waits for them.

    The last page illustrates the 4th division's standard medical kit.

  4. (+) Nobody Beats
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Toushirou Hitsugaya, Nanao Ise, Ichigo Kurosaki, Shunsui Kyouraku, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Ganjuu Shiba, Hanatarou Yamada, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - 4th division, 7th division, captain, Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Mashiba Junior High, shinigami, lieutenant, Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

    This episode begins with a flashback to Ichigo's and Chad's first meeting. Chad just rescued Ichigo from getting beat up and now Ichigo is trying to read Chad's name on his nametag. But instead of reading his last name as "Sado" he mistakenly reads "Sado." When Chad corrects him, he notes Chad is wearing the same school uniform but he doesn't remember any students that tall, to which Chad answers that he just transferred in today. It turns out that he and Ichigo are in the same class. Ichigo's face is all bloody but he's well enough to be able to stand. After explaining that he was getting beat up because of his hair color, they leave together. And Chad's nickname has stuck.

    Then Chad wakes up in a storage room. He hears shinigami searching outside and then they start trying to open the storage room door. The title page shows Toushirou Hitsugaya sitting with his soul cutter slung over his shoulder, beconning the reader to come closer.

    Meanwhile Hanatarou is awake and showing off a special pill to Ganjuu and Ichigo. He claims it's a special energy pill given to the 4th division so its member can restore their stamina. But when he takes it nothing happens. They then leave the sewers and are surprised to not find anyone there. Ganjuu wonders what the others are doing and Ichigo says that Inoue and Ishida are smarter than him so they'll avoid needless battles so they should be ok. With Chad there's less to worry about. Ichigo's been able to sense Chad's spiritual aura since they arrived and he can't imagine Chad loosing to anyone.

    Chad is busy beating up the shinigami that came knocking on his door. He asks the last one where Rukia is and once he finds out, walks away. That shinigami tries to attack him from behind, but as soon as Chad turns back around he's frightened into submission again. Chad tells him not to try that again and runs away. From a second story window Nanao Ise, lieutenant of the 7th division watches him and tells her captain, Shunsui Kyouraku, who's lounging about, eating and drinking sake. He's not very excited about the prospects of fighting Chad, but Commander Yamamoto ordered him to so the intruders wouldn't cause anymore trouble. Then he goes into joking mode and adds that he doesn't want his Nanao to get hurt in battle.

    Ichigo and company have by this time managed to climb to a landing without encountering any guards. But suddenly they're beset by hugely oppressive spiritual aura.

    The last page reveals that a superior gave Hanatarou bogus energy pills as a prank. His ones use flour as the main ingredient.

  5. (+) Dominion
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Momo Hinamori, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yachiru Kusajishi, Rangiku Matsumoto, Ganjuu Shiba, Hanatarou Yamada, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits, 5th division holding cell
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - Sousuke Aizen, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Ikkaku Madarame

    Matsumoto comes to visit Momo in her 5th division holding cell so she can give her a note. It turns out it's a note for Momo they found in Aizen's quarters. Rangiku comments that it's a good thing Hitsugaya found it or Momo wouldn't have gotten a look at it as Momo wonders if he was writing it when she came in. After Matsumoto leaves Momo reads the letter. It starts off by saying if she's reading it he's most likely passed on and he's sorry for the anguish he's caused her. Then he says that he kept something that was bothering him secret so she wouldn't get dragged into things, but because he trusts her, he's going to record down all he knows about a conspiracy. As Momo reads this part she's shocked. We then see the title page: Matsumoto.

    Meanwhile at the Shrine of Penitence Ichigo and company are struggling under the heavy spiritual pressure. They decide to run as far as possible since there's someone really strong nearby. Zaraki notes they're finally there and wonders which one is the one he wants. Ichigo thinks it's weird that although they've been running awhile they're still no further away from the heavy spiritual pressure, and then Hanatarou falls, out of energy. Ganjuu picks him up and carries him on his shoulders as Zaraki decides the one he's after must be Ichigo. Ichigo hears him ask if he's the one like Zaraki is just behind him and turns to see Zaraki standing high up on a rooftop. Then Zaraki tells Ichigo not to just sit there and stare as Ichigo feels like someone's cut a huge wound in his chest. Suddenly Zaraki's behind him and asks if he's Ichigo Kurosaki. When Ichigo asks how he knows his name, Zaraki mentions Ikkaku and Ichigo realizes who he must be.

    The last page shows Yachiru clinging to the back of Zaraki's coat.

  6. (+) The Undead
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yachiru Kusajishi, Ganjuu Shiba, Hanatarou Yamada, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits, Shrine of Penitence
    Released Soul Cutters - Zangetsu
    Relevant Terminology - captain, Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, sekkiseki, lieutenant

    Ichigo thinks it's no wonder Zaraki is a captain since he has such great spiritual pressure and is unlike anyone else Ichigo's met so far. Zaraki takes Ichigo's silence as silent assent to a life or death battle and then Ichigo notices Hanatarou has collapsed into a drooling heap on the floor from the spiritual pressure. Ganjuu is having a hard time just standing. Ganjuu tells Ichigo to keep his focus on Zaraki or else he'll get beaten and then Yachiru pops up and comments that Hanatarou is drooling. The next thing Ichigo knows she's on his shoulder to get a better look, so he swats at her and she flees back to Zaraki. Ichigo tells Ganjuu to get Hanatarou out of there and rescue Rukia while he holds off Zaraki, so Ganjuu obeys. When neither Yachiru nor Zaraki follow them, Ichigo's surprised, but Zaraki reiterates that he's there to fight Ichigo and doesn't care about Hanatarou, Ganjuu, or Rukia. The title page is a head shot of Zaraki.

    Even in the Shrine of Penitence Rukia can feel the spiritual power and wonders if a captain is nearby. She recalls the explosion the day before and wonders if Ichigo is really in the Court of Pure Spirits.

    Meanwhile Zaraki is complimenting Ichigo's stance in the high spiritual pressure and comments that the lieutenant captains shouldn't stand a chance against him, although Ichigo is still much weaker than Zaraki. To even things a bit he lets Ichigo have a free attack anywhere on his body. At first Ichigo refuses, saying he won't attack someone who's unarmed, but Zaraki eventually goads him into it.

    Hanatarou has finally awoken, and immediately asks where Ichigo is. When Ganjuu tells him that Ichigo is still back there with Zaraki Hanatarou wants to go back since there's no way Ichigo could win that battle alone. He then explains that Kenpachi is a nickname given to the shinigami in the Gotei 13 Divisions that has won the most battles and killed the most people.

    Yachiru watches on as Ichigo strikes Zaraki in the chest, but is stunned that it didn't injure him at all. Then Zaraki says it's his turn.

    In the real world the lieutenant president of the handicraft club is upset that neither Ishida nor Inoue showed up at a training session.

  7. (+) Spring, Spring, Meets The Tiger
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Tatsufusa Enjouji, Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yachiru Kusajishi, Shunsui Kyouraku, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Ganjuu Shiba, Hanatarou Yamada, Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits, Soul Society
    Released Soul Cutters - nameless sword, Zangetsu
    Relevant Terminology - 8th division, Rukia Kuchiki, Yoruichi Shihouin, soul cutter

    Hanatarou wants to go back to help Ichigo, but Ganjuu refuses saying they'll just get stunned by the spiritual pressure again and wil get in Ichigo's way. He then points out that Ichigo came all the way to Soul Society to rescue Rukia. By sending them on ahead when he knows his chances of survival are slim means that saving Rukia is top priority, even at risk of losing his life. So Ganjuu wants to hurry ahead as fast as possible so Ichigo's sacrifice isn't wasted. Ganjuu then thinks they'll come back after they rescue Rukia. He may not be able to help Ichigo beat Zaraki, but he's certain he can at least help Ichigo to escape, so he hopes Ichigo can hang in there until then.

    Ichigo is still stunned that an attack with all his strength didn't injure Zaraki at all. Instead, his hands are all bleeding from the attack. Zaraki then pushes Zangetsu back with his bare arm and Yachiru explains that to Zaraki Zangetsu is like a bladeless sword. Zaraki then clarifies it by saying when two spiritual objects collide, the weaker one gets damaged, so the spiritual pressure he releases subconsciously is stronger than Zangetsu, which is highly concentrated spirtual pressure used for killing. He's disappointed for waiting all night for that and then draws his sword. We then see Yachiru huddled on the ground, smiling at a butterfly for the title page.

    Meanwhile Chad is busy punching his way through more opponents. He then thinks at first he could only do 2 punches before collapsing, but now he can do 5 without breaking a sweat and that he has to thank Yoruichi again for that. As he wonders if everyone else is ok, he runs into the 3rd seat of the 8th division, Tatsufusa Enjouji. The guy immediately takes out his soul cutter and starts slashing away like crazy (a move called Houzankenbu), but while he's talking Chad punches him in the face and makes him fly back 20 feet or so, saying there were too many openings. Shunsui is impressed as he lands among scattered cherry blossoms and introduces himself.

    The last page shows the president of the handicraft club worried about the upcoming competitions without Orihime, who's a sewing genius, and Ishida, who's known for his sewing speed and accuracy.

  8. (+) Cause for Confront
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Nanao Ise, Ichigo Kurosaki, Shunsui Kyoraku, Yasutora "Chad" Sado
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Soul Society, Court of Pure Spirits
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki, shinigami, soul cutter

    This chapter begins with Chad facing Shunsui as more and more cherry blossoms fall. It turns out Nanao is the tossing down cherry blossom petals from the balcony of a building. Shunsui calls for her to stop, but instead she dumps the remainder of her basket (which is a lot) on top of him. Chad is stunned at first and then asks Shunsui to step aside. He has to pass, but since Shunsui doesn't seem like a bad guy, he doesn't want to fight Shunsui. It turns out Shunsui doesn't want to fight either, so he asks Chad to turn back since he can't let Chad pass. When Chad refuses, he invites Chad at least to stay and drink awhile since the other captains should already be on the move and the battles will soon be over. But it has an opposite effect to his intention as Chad is more insistent on passing. When Shunsui refuses to let Chad pass again, Chad punches directly at him, but is stunned when his punch simply stops before Shunsui.

    We then see the title page - Shunsui sleeping with his head propped up on his arm.

    Chad tries again and again to punch Shunsui, but misses every time because Shunsui has dodged them. Chad thinks back to the last shinigami he fought, who was only 2 levels below a captain, and wonders why the difference in just two levels is so great. At that moment Shunsui suggests Chad give up. Although he's fast and strong for a human, he won't be able to defeat Shunsui because he can't hit the shinigami. Chad then punches again, but Shunsui dodges and manages to get behind Chad. As he pushes Chad's back with a finger, Shunsui notes that normallly when someone's used up their spirit reserves they can't attack anymore, but if they put their life on the line they can squeeze out another attack. He says Chad is doing just that. Chad then flies forward several feet from the finger push and Shunsui tells him to back down before he dies because he's past his limit. Chad doesn't listen, however, and Shunsui asks why he's being so persistent. The answer, of course, is to save Rukia, but Shunsui thinks Chad's friendship with her couldn't be strong enough after such a short time period. Chad agrees, but notes Ichigo wants to save her. Because Ichigo is going all out to save her, that's enough for Chad to put his life on the line. Shunsui then apologizes for trying to dissuade Chad and draws his Soul Cutter, which happens to be two blades. Chad rushes forward to try to punch Shunsui again, and as he does so he thinks about Ichigo.

    Back in the real world the president of the handicrafts club wonders where Ishida and Inoue could be at such a critical time. They're uncontactable since neither has a cellphone (Ishida is too poor and Inoue is no good with electronics). An underclassman wonders why the president isn't studying for the national exam, however.

  9. (+) Heat in Trust
    Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
    Characters Appearing - Oscar "Abuelo" Joaquin de la Rosa, Ichigo Kurosaki, Shunsui Kyoraku, Yasutora "Chad" Sado
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Court of Pure Spirits, Onosegawa Bridge, Karakura, Soul Society
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - Mashiba Junior High, soul cutter

    This chapter begins with Chad thinking about Ichigo as he runs forward to punch Shunsui. He thinks it may cost him his life to keep a promise he made to Ichigo, but if he survives he'll make the same promise again on the same thing as last time.

    We then see the title page - Ichigo and Chad in school uniform, back to back on the roof of a building like they're about to fight.

    Chad recalls Ichigo talking to him after the first time they met, asking why Chad didn't fight back when he's obviously big and strong and could defend himself if he tried. Chad, who was looking at a pendant, responds that he promised his grandfather he wouldn't fight for himself. Ichigo then comments that Chad always wears that pendant and asks what it is. It turns out the pendant, like Chad's grandfather, was from Mexico. After that Chad decides to leave the riverbank and Ichigo notices a cellphone attached to his belt. It belonged to the guys they beat up earlier (and has been on for over a day). Chad plans on returning it to them, but Ichigo smashes it instead. It turns out, though, that the gang was listening in on their conversation through the phone.

    The explanation for how Chad could be both from Mexico and from Okinawa is that he was born in Okinawa. At age 8 his parents died and Chad got adopted by his grandfather, who lived in Mexico. At the time Chad was a big bully, but thanks to his grandfather he learned it was wrong behavior.

    Later, you see Chad walking alone down the street when he gets grabbed by the gang and taken underneath a bridge somewhere, where they tie him to a chair using electrical wiring. But this doesn't seem to phase Chad much. That is until they threaten to cut up his pendant with wirecutters. Luckily for Chad Ichigo choses that moment to show up and kick the guy in the face. After knocking the guy out Ichigo takes the pendant and then uses the guy's cellphone to call ambulences for all the people he's about to beat up. This gets the remainder of the gang mad, but it doesn't matter because Ichigo takes care of them easily. After it's all over, Chad and Ichigo promise on Chad's pendant that Chad will fight for Ichigo and Ichigo will fight for Chad, so if Chad puts his life on the line for something, then Ichigo will too, and if Ichigo puts his life on the line for something, then Chad will also.

    Back in the present day, Chad thinks he can't lose because of that promise, only to get cut squarely in the chest by Shunsui and collapse.

    The last page shows the president of the handicraft club screaming why while other students watch on and sympathesize.

0.8 (+) a wonderful error
Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
Characters Appearing - Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora "Chad" Sado
Kidou - None
Locations - Karakura, Karakura High
Released Soul Cutters - None
Relevant Terminology - Mashiba Junior High

The extra starts with Mizuiro on a cellphone. His mother is complaining that he didn't listen to her last night when she asked him not to call because she'd be out with a guy today. She complains that he never listens to her. He then hangs up and the woman with him asks if that was his mother on the phone. He comments that he doesn't have a mother, and she comments that if he says that again he'll make his mother cry. She then gives him the coat to his school uniform because the entrance ceremony is today and offers to take him there. He thanks her for it.

Next we hear the dialog between a spaceship and ground control: Hello, hello. This is me to the world. Please respond. Did the code transmit correctly? My world is revolving correctly. Systems all green. The communication was incomplete.

In front of the school we then see Mizuiro hearing about Ichigo and Chad, who already know each other by then, entering the school from Keigo. According to Keigo, Ichigo and Chad are pedigreed super punks who are rumored to be acquainted with the Yakuza, smuggle dope, stand in bookstores for 5 hours reading porn, and other nasty things they don't want to get involved in. Mizuiro responds that they're only rumors and that he's never met them so he doesn't know what they're really like. Keigo says that he's an idiot and it's not a question of what sort of people they are with Ichigo and Chad. One of them has been dying his hair orange since he was 0 years old and is great at fighting while the other is a strong 2m giant. Just their existence threatens to end Keigo's and Mizuiro's rose-colored high school life.

While Keigo is ranting, Mizuiro is reading the high school handbook, which says first the classes need to gather at their home rooms and then go to the entrance ceremony. He tells Keigo they need to divide into classes and looks over at the roster (Keigo notes he must have good eyes to read it from where they are). It turns out that both Chad and Ichigo are in their class, which causes Keigo to flip out. As if on cue, at this moment Chad and Ichigo simultaneous kick two classmates in the face just above Keigo and Mizuiro's heads. All four of them get surrounded by a gang and Keigo wonders it it's a joke or a dream that they got caught up in all this. Mizuiro just wishes he'd shut up. The gang ignores him, however, and asks Ichigo and Chad if they thought they could escape. Keigo recognizes the gang member, and Mizuiro wonders why he's so knowledgeable on the gangs, and then notes that the guy's name was also list as being in their class on the roster earlier. At this point the gang finally notices Keigo and asks if he's friends with Ichigo and Chad. Keigo strongly denies it, and as he's doing so Mizuiro is introducing himself to Ichigo and Chad. Keigo tries to get Mizuiro to stop and not get involved with them, but Ichigo and Chad politely introduce themselves back. Ichigo then asks about Keigo and Mizuiro introduces him, too, while Keigo is getting beat up by the gang. He describes Keigo as bad at studying, but smart, and better than he is. Ichigo says it's amazing and asks if Mizuiro is good at making excuses. Mizuiro replies that he's abnormally good at it. Ichigo then asks him to think of one in five minutes so even if they save Asano they won't get suspended. Ichigo then charges forward and you see the words, "I wanted to tell someone about this joy."

Later Keigo and Mizuiro are riding a bike home from school (Keigo is doing the peddling, while Mizuiro sits backwards behind him and fiddles with a cellphone.) Mizuiro comments that they're different from their image. Keigo says he might be right and asks how different. Mizuiro replies, "three horse's lengths." He then thinks to himself that sometimes he thinks that everyone transmits infinite numbers of codes in this world. And they're all desperate not to get cut off once. But really no matter how hard they try, they're going to get cut off. Reconnecting to the original place is very difficult and he still can't do it.

Keigo then asks if Mizuiro isn't going to call about Nanako today, and Mizuiro replies that he's not in the mood today.

We then see some more spaceship to ground control dialog: Hello, hello. This is me to the new world. I'm glad I met you. Does it seem like our codes are transmitting correctly? My world is made so it revolves correctly. Systems all green. Communication is good.

Keigo then tells him that he's glad about that.

(!) Extra: (+) RADIO-KON☆BABY!! 3 (Guest: Uryuu Ishida)
Corresponding TV Episode - N/A
Characters Appearing - Uryuu Ishida, Kon
Relevant Terminology - Uryuu's Master, Ichigo Kurosaki, quincy

Kon starts out by saying originally the 2nd Radio Kon was going to be the last one, except they needed to fill a few more pages. Today's guest is Uryuu Ishida. Ishida doesn't seem too thrilled about being there, and Kon says as much. He also adds that despite letters suggesting Ishida fix his ear or take him apart since Ishida is in the sewing club, Kon will not ever let Ishida touch his stuffed animal body. Ishida is fine with that, however.

Question 1: Can Ishida fly with his mantle?

Ishida responds that it's a hard question and asks if he ever said he could fly. Kon remarks that either she has the notion stuck in her head that a mantle is a tool for flying or she wants to give Ishida a hard time. Ishida isn't too keen on that comment.

Question 2: I thought regardless of whether you're right or left handed, your left hand is supposed to hold the bow. However, Ishida uses his right hand to hold his bow. Is that a special quincy technique?

Ishida remarks that he never went to archery club so he never got any formal training on how to use a bow so he didn't know that. Kon comments that teaching himself how to shoot a bow is dangerous, but Ishida responds it doesn't matter since he has good aim.

Question 3: Did you have a nickname when you were young? Can I call you Uu-chan?

Ishida responds that he doesn't think so, and Kon remarks that he's cruelly direct.

Question 4: In volume 5 you said you like to eat self-made mackerel miso soup. Does this mean you live alone? What other foods do you like?

Ishida answers that he does live alone and Kon asks if it's because his family lives far away. However, Ishida tells him that's none of his business. As for other foods that he likes, he doesn't have anything in particular but he is good at cooking chikuzenni. Kon comments that Ishida would make a good housewife.

Question 5: Ishida's mantle is a lot smaller than his master's. Does the size of a Quency's mantle reflect his or her strength?

First Ishida nitpicks that "Quency" should be spelled "quincy" and then says the size of the mantle is purely a matter of fashion tastes.

Question 6: Do you like the Quency uniform?

Ishida gets mad because people keep misspelling quincy and wonders why they do it. Kon says it's probably because Ishida isn't cool enough to make them remember.

Question 7: Are you confident about your fashion taste?
Question 8: Why is Ishida's fashion sense so crappy?

Kon announces the theme of this time's show is "why does Uryuu look lame?" Ishida retorts that Kon is very impolite and he thinks people only doubt his fashion tastes because Ichigo does. Kon gets him back by observing other people wouldn't be asking these questions if they didn't think he looked ugly.

Question 9: When you were younger you asked if the quincy uniform could be redesigned because you thought it was ugly. Did you have something better in mind?

Kon then asks why Ishida is still using the traditional quincy uniform. Uryuu is embarassed (and obviously doesn't like it anymore) but for some reason still shows the concept drawings for his uniform redesign back when he was young. Kon is stunned by it. It looks like something out of a fantasy novel - one very large shoulder pad, a sword, a cape, boots, and very poofy pants.