Chichiri's Guide to Bleach
Season 1

Season 1

  1. The Day I Became a Shinigami
  2. The Work of a Shinigami
  3. The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
  4. The Cursed Parakeet
  5. Punch the Unseen Enemy!
  6. Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo
  7. Greetings From a Stuffed Animal
  8. June 17, Memories in the Rain
  9. The Undefeatable Enemy
  10. An Unexpected Assault During the Sacred Ground Trip!
  11. The Legendary Quincy
  12. The Gentle Right Arm
  13. The Flowers and a Hollow

General Overview

In Depth Summaries

  1. The Day I Became a Shinigami
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 1
    Characters Appearing - Fishbone D, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki
    Kidou - Bakudou 1: Sai
    Locations - in between worlds, Karakura, Kurosaki Clinic
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - hollow, hell, hell butterfly, kidou, plus, shinigami, soul burial, soul cutter, Soul Society

    First we see this weird place with lots of growing shadows. Some black blobs form upwards from the shadows and speed to earth, which you can see in the sky. Then you see these monsters land on the ground. The next thing we see is a girl dressed in black traditional Japanese clothes with a sword strapped to her waist standing on top of a telephone pole. She mentions sensing something close by and then starts bounding off. Then we see the episode number with a butterfly.

    Finally we are introduced to our hero, Ichigo Kurosaki, age 15 and a high school student. He also has a special ability: seeing ghosts. Although he can fight (we first see him beating up a bunch of punks) he has his soft side, since he's doing it to help a girl ghost out because the punks knocked over a flower vase by where she was killed. At last he drives them away by somehow getting the punks to see the ghost and promises to give her some fresh flowers later.

    When he returns home to Kurosaki Clinic (his father, Isshin, is a doctor) he gets pestered for showing up late for dinner. It turns out the dad is the only one in the family that cannot see ghosts. Karin, although she claims to not believe in them, can see and hear them nearly as well as Ichigo and lets him know of a new ghost that shows up. Yuzu, on the other hand, is a bit jealous beccause she can only sense their presence. Their mother is passed away. Because of all the pestering between his family and the new ghost, Ichigo ends up going to his room without eating for some peace and quiet.

    The next morning Ichigo sees a news report on some sort of gas explosion near their house. His dad is at a meeting and won't be back all day. We then see him walking down the street and past the site of the explosion to give the girl ghost some fresh flowers. But she's not there and in the distance he hears her scream. He runs in that direction and finds people fleeing another "explosion." Actually the cause of it is a monster that no one seems to be able to see and is chasing the girl ghost. When it seems about to catch her the girl in Japanese clothes from the beginning of the episode slice it with her sword and it disappears. Ichigo tries to speak to her, but she ignores him and leaves.

    After the commercial break Ichigo's lying in bed thinking about the earlier events that day and the girl walks through his walls and enters the room. At first she just mutters to herself something about it being close by, but when Ichigo kicks her in the head she finally takes notice of what he's saying. She's astonished he can see her. She then tells him she's a shinigami

    Next we see the girl ghost getting chased by a monster again.

    Back in Ichigo's room the shinigami tries to explain that she's here to exterminate a bad spirit called a hollow, but Ichigo doesn't believe her (he's never seen one before and doesn't believe in things he can't see.) Because of his insulting manner, this ticks her off and she uses some kidou (a type of magic only shinigami can use) to keep him from moving. She says he's lucky that she has orders not to kill living people, but looks like she's going to kill him anyway. However, it turns out she hit the hilt of her sword on the forehead of the ghost that was pestering Ichigo the day before in the house. It says it doesn't want to go to Hell, but the shinigami says it's going to Soul Society, which is a relaxing place. After that it turns into a Hell Butterfly and flies off. She explains to Ichigo that what he just saw was a soul burial.

    We then see the girl ghost fleeing the monster again. She trips, and it catches up with her. But instead of hurting her or eating her, it says a strong soul is nearby and leaves her there.

    Ichigo finally believes the shinigami and asks why she's just standing there if there's a monster nearby she needs to exterminate. She replies that for some reason she can't sense it anymore. Then Ichigo hears a howl and shortly after she does, too. She's shocked that he heard it first, and dashes out the door to investigate. There she's hit smack in the face with its strong aura and wondered how she was unable to sense it earlier.

    Just then they see Yuzu crawling down the hallway, hurt. She tells Ichigo to save Karin and collapses. The shinigami rushes downstairs without freeing Ichigo from the kidou and he somehow manages to follow. When he sees Karin being held by the hollow, Ichigo goes beserk and manages to break the kidou by himself (to the shinigami's astonishment). He then grabs a chair and tries to hit it, but isn't too successful. Just when it looks like he'll get killed, the shinigami slices the hollow's arm, making it drop Karin into Ichigo's arm. She then tells Ichigo it's probably there because of him since hollows like to eat dense souls and his is the most power human soul she's ever come across. At this Ichigo tries to face down the hollow (either to let it eat him so it will leave his family alone, or to attack it). Either way, he's protected by the shinigami, who gets chomped on and badly injured.

    At this point the shinigami tells him there's only one way to save his family - stab himself with her Soul Cutter sword and she'll give him part of her shinigami powers. She's not sure it will work, but Ichigo doesn't have enough powers to save his family and she's too injured to fight. He agrees and after they introduce themselves (the shinigami is named Rukia Kuchiki), stabs himself with it. The next thing you see is something speeding towards the hollow and then its arm getting cut off. Ichigo is there with a HUGE sword and defeats the hollow. Rukia finally realizes the strength of his soul is what kept her from sensing the hollow earlier and is stunned at his power. She's never seen a soul cutter that big before (it's as long as Ichigo is tall) and the size of one is a reflection of the power of its user. Ichigo has managed to steal all of her powers, not just a part, and her clothes are now white.

    Differences in chapter 1:
    • The scene is the weird place at the very beginning isn't shown.
    • When Ichigo talks to the punks, he somehow manages to get them to see the dead ghost.
    • The girl ghost not covered in blood.
    • Once Ichigo arrives home, it goes straight to his meeting with Rukia.
    • Ichigo's father is home when the hollow comes and shows up in his room shortly after Ichigo kicks Rukia. Of course he does not see Rukia.
    • The girl ghost may get killed by the hollow (it's harder to tell). They also divide this into two parts.
    • Yuzu is the sister picked up by the hollow and Karin is the sister in the hall warning Ichigo.
    • Ichigo breaks the kidou in his room and grabs a baseball bat before running downstairs. He hits the hollow with the bat rather than a chair.
    • There is a final scene in this chapter showing the foot of Kisuke Urahara approacing Rukia as she kneels by Ichigo-the-Shingami, who has collapsed on the ground.
  2. The Work of a Shinigami
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 2 to chapter 4
    Characters Appearing - Acid Wire, Tatsuki Arisawa, Grand Fisher, Hexapodus, Orihime Inoue, Mizuiro Kojima, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Inoue's Apartment, in between worlds, Karakura High, Karakura Park, Kurosaki Clinic
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - denreishinki, artificial body, hollow, shinigami, soul burial, soul cutter, Soul Society

    The next day Ichigo wakes up and finds his family is uninjured and thinks the damage to their house was caused by a truck hitting it. He figures it's shinigami after-care and wonders if Rukia returned to Soul Society. We then see the title screen: this week a banana.

    One of his classmates, Orihime Inoue is talking to her best friend Tatsuki Arisawa about food when Ichigo bumps into her in the hall. He frightens Orihime off with his scary face and then Tatsuki asks why he's late. He doesn't really answer, though, and goes into the classroom, where he sees his friends Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, and Yasutora "Chad" Sado. After a bit of talking he discovers Rukia is posing as a transfer student in his class! She threatens to kill him if he makes a fuss and later drags him to the roof to explain that his soul still has most of her shinigami powers and that currently she's using an artificial body to regain them (which is also why normal people can see her). In the meantime she wants him to help her out with her work. Ichigo refuses until she punches his soul out of his body and shows him a boy ghost getting attacked by a hollow, which she knows about because of her denreishinki, a delieutenant that looks like a cell phone and gives orders from Soul Society, mostly on the location and time of a hollow attack. Rukia tells him not to help the kid unless he's prepared to help all spirits no matter what it takes and after some time Ichigo attacks and kills the hollow. But it turns out he hasn't made any such mental preparations. He tells her that he saved the kid because he wanted to and that he cannot guarantee he'll sacrifice himself to save ghosts. He then performs a soul burial on the kid.

    That evening we see Orihime studying in her room. Outside her room there's a ghost watching her from a telephone pole. But suddenly he gets caught by hollows and brought to that weird shadowy place. There you hear some boss's voice (Grand Fisher) telling them to eat him. They do and he turns into a hollow.

    After the commercial break we see Rukia practicing modern Japanese from a novel as she and Ichigo walk down the street. They hear a car screech to a halt and when they go to investigate find Inoue has been hit by a car. After seeing she's ok Inoue talks about shopping and an odd combination of food she bought for dinner, but as she's doing so, Rukia notices an odd bruise on her leg. Inoue says it must be from the car accident, but isn't sure how she got it. Shortly after Inoue remembers something she needs to do and they all go home (although Ichigo is not sure where Rukia is heading.) On the way home Rukia asks if Inoue has any family and Ichigo tells her she has a dead older brother (which he knows about because the brother died at his father's clinic.

    Next we see Tatsuki arriving at Orihime's apartment with some food. Orihime's quite happy and they eat dinner together while Tatsuki complains at the weird stuff Orihime eats all the time.

    Meanwhile, at Ichigo's place Yuzu asks him if he's seen some of her clothes. He says he hasn't and doesn't pay it any mind. Moments later Rukia gets orders from Soul Society and jumps out of Ichigo's closet (apparently she had been making her home in Ichigo's closet) and tells him a hollow is coming now! She punches his soul out of his body again as it appears in his room and he tries to kill the hollow by hitting its head, but he only succeeds in breaking off part of its mask and realizes it is Inoue's dead older brother! The hollow then flees. We next see Inoue's brother in the shadowy place and his mask fixes itself as Rukia confirms that all hollows were once normal human souls and a bit about how hollows come into being.

    Just then we see Inoue and Tatsuki in Inoue's apartment talking about Inoue's encounter with Ichigo and Rukia. They're interrupted by a loud noise a bear falls of Inoue's shelf, torn.

    Differences in chapter 2 and chapter 4:
    • Ichigo's has a bad dream before his dad wakes him up.
    • Inoue is already in the classroom when Ichigo shows up.
    • Tatsuki and Inoue do not discuss Inoue's crush on Ichigo at all.
    • Keigo and Chad are not in the classroom.
    • Ichigo nearly hits the boy ghost with his sword while he yells at Rukia.
    • Ichigo doesn't do a soul burial on the kid. Instead classmates find his unconscious body.
    • Ichigo says he'll help Rukia out after he kills the hollow with the kid in the park.
    • Inoue is shown sitting at her desk with her book upside down, thinking that Ichigo hasn't returned yet.
    • The manga doesn't show Inoue's brother turning into a hollow
    • Instead of seeing Inoue get hit by a car, Ichigo and Rukia are in the park. Ichigo is practicing to strike a hollow's head (and only the head) so he can kill it in one blow while Rukia is practicing modern Japanese by reading a questionable novel. Inoue runs into them after shopping and talks to Ichigo about shopping and getting hit by a car before going home alone.
    • The manga doesn't show Tatsuki arriving at Inoue's apartment.
    • The manga doesn't show Inoue's brother in the shadowy place after Ichigo broke his mask.
    • Some of the parts at the end of chapter 3 are mixed with the beginning of chapter 4.
    • In the scene where Orihime daydreams, you actually see the daydream in the manga.
    • The manga reveals the title and author of the manga Rukia was reading.
  3. The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 4 to chapter 6
    Characters Appearing - Acid Wire, Tatsuki Arisawa, Orihime Inoue, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Inoue's Apartment, Karakura, Kurosaki Clinic
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - chain of fate, hollow, memory replacer, shinigami, soul cutter, Soul Society

    We first see a flashback of Ichigo attacking Inoue's brother-the-hollow from last episode and the part where his mask regrows. We then see the episode title, this time a picture of Inoue.

    Next we see Rukia and Ichigo talking about Inoue's brother and the attack and Rukia realizes that Inoue is in danger.

    In Inoue's apartment we see Tatsuki and Inoue talking about how good dinner was when Inoue's bear splits open. and falls to the ground. Inoue picks it up and wonders how it got ripped, and they hear more noises.

    We then see Rukia riding on Ichigo's back to Inoue's. As they travel she explains that hollows try to eat the souls of their families first and then only do they eat any dense soul. She explains they eat, not to gain sustenance, but to fill their aching hearts and that they're souls that weren't sent to Soul Society, souls that escaped, souls that weren't protected from hollows, or souls that degraded into hollows. She also explains the bruise on Inoue's leg was actually a hollow bite mark.

    Back at Inoue's, Inoue sees blood drip from the bear and then a huge hand springs out it and goes right through her chest. She collapses and then Tatsuki gets around and injured by the hollow, which she cannot really see. Inoue, whose spirit is outside of her body but connected to it by a chain, can clearly see her brother the hollow (but doesn't realize it's him yet). She then notices her body. Inoue wants to break the chain connecting her to her body, but gives up and protects Tatsuki from the hollow instead. She then asks Tatsuki if she's ok, but Tatsuki doesn't respond. Her brother tells her that Tatsuki cannot see or hear them and she asks how he knows her name. Then it seems like her brother is going to attack her, but Ichigo manages to arrive and block the attack. Inoue can see him.

    Soon after Ichigo realizes that Inoue's soul is out of her body, too! He's also startled that she can see him because ordinary people shouldn't be able to. Her brother says she can see him because it's her soul and that she's already dead. He then blasts Ichigo back by attacking with his tail (and somehow Ichigo just slides back in the sky as if it's the ground. Inoue's brother picked up Inoue sometime during this and whacks Ichigo to the ground with his tail.

    After the commercial break Inoue starts struggling to get out of her brother's hands and then he reveals that he was in fact her brother.

    Outside Rukia wakes Ichigo up and asks what's wrong. He replies it's a bit different this time so it's harder for him. Rukia reminds him that if he fails Inoue will die.

    Back in Inoue's room, she asks him why she did this to Tatsuki. He explains he was sad because Inoue hasn't been praying to him ever since she met Tatsuki and went to high school. He felt like he was disappearing from her heart. He further claims that she made him like this so he's going to kill her. At this Ichigo shows up to save her and ends up chopping of the hollow's hand and tells it that older brothers should look after their sisters. Rukia makes it into Inoue's room at this point. We then see Inoue's brother shouting at Ichigo saying since he raised her, Inoue belongs to him. Rukia warns Inoue that this hollow no longer possesses her brother's heart. We then see some flashbacks of Inoue at various ages with her brother. Her brother then attacks Ichigo, but Ichigo parries with his sword and says Inoue belongs to herself. As Ichigo is about to attack him, he spits goop onto Ichigo's hand, burning him and making him drop his soul cutter. Just as the hollow is about get Ichigo during the opening, Inoue hugs her brother's head (saving Ichigo from getting killed) despite his teeth digging into her. She apologizes to him for keeping him on earth and says that she stopped praying because she wanted to show him her being happy so he wouldn't worry about her. But she's sorry because it made him feel lonely. She then collapses. Rukia then shows up and says it's ok. Inoue is still alive because her chain of fate is still connected so she can be saved using kidou. Rukia also explains the reason he tried to get Ichigo was because of the hollows that made him a hollow. Ichigo then points out she wears the same hairpins everyday because she said her brother gave them to her. Then the brother stabs himself with Ichigo's soul cutter. Ichigo is shocked, but he says he's doing it while he's still himself in case he attacks her again. Rukia said he did the right thing because once you become a hollow you can't ever go back to being a normal soul. However, instead of killing a hollow a soul cutter cleanses it of its sins so it can go to Soul Society.

    We then have a short narration by Orihime. She says the day before he died they got into their first fight ever over her hairpins (the ones she's wearing). She didn't like them for some silly reason so they ate dinner while facing the wall and not speaking and the next morning when he went to work she never told him, "Take care." Then he got killed in the car accident. So she's always wanted to tell him, "Take care." She says that as he disappears and goes to Soul Society.

    At school the next day you see Inoue claiming a Sumo wrestler came into her room and shot a bazooka at her wall. Her friends don't believe her until Tatsuki backs her up. It then shows a flashback of Rukia flipping something that something that resembles a lighter under Inoue's nose and it explodes. Ichigo then asks Rukia if she used it on his family, and Rukia tells him she did. He then says he'll do what he can to help her, but he can't guarantee he'll sacrifice everything for it.

    Differences in chapter 4 to chapter 6:
    • When Inoue gets hit by the hand through her chest is moved a bit from the manga.
    • The manga gives some background on Inoue's apartment.
    • Instead of whacking Ichigo down to the ground with his tail, Inoue's brother spits goop onto Ichigo's hand, burning it and making him drop his soul cutter and fall to the ground.
    • Inoue actually bites her brother's hand before she realizes it's him.
    • Inoue's crush on Ichigo is given as a second reason why Inoue stopped praying to her brother.
    • Ichigo chops up the hollow's tail.
    • Rukia doesn't enter Inoue's room until later (and she does it by climbing the drainpipe when she does).
    • The manga actually shows Inoue's brother memories of taking her from their parents and raising her.
    • The scenes of Orihime with her brother at various ages weren't shown.
    • Inoue's brother doesn't spit goop on Ichigo when he does.
    • The part with Orihime hugging her brother occurs in her apartment.
    • In the manga they say Inoue's brother attacked Ichigo because her crush on Ichigo was part of the reason she stopped praying.
    • Instead of showing Rukia using the Memory Replacer on Inoue, they show them at school the next day saying their memory and then Ichigo has a brief flashback of Rukia using it on Inoue.
    • Inoue and Tatsuki are shown visiting Inoue's brother's grave.
  4. The Cursed Parakeet
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 7 to chapter 9
    Characters Appearing - Keigo Asano, Grand Fisher, Mizuiro Kojima, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Yuuichi Shibata, Shrieker
    Kidou - Hadou 33: Soukatsui
    Locations - Karakura, Karakura High, Karakura Primary, Kurosaki Clinic
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - denreishinki, hollow, shinigami, Soul Society, spirit thread

    This episodes starts by showing another one of Ichigo's classmates: a big tall guy with curly hair that's always in his eyes named Yasutora Sado. Everyone calls him Chad, though. He's sitting with a couple of friends who don't seem to attend Karakura High and one of them is holding a cage containing a parakeet. He says its cursed because all of its owners have died so it's gotten passed around a lot. He offers to give the parakeet to Chad and a friend scolds him saying that everyone knows Chad has a thing for cute stuff. Just then a steel bar suspended at a construction site and nearly crushes them. We're held in suspense for a bit by the episode title, this time a drawing of Chad's tattoo (a winged heart with a snake wrapped around it).

    Next we see the shadowy world again and hear the Grand Fisher talking about hollows have to keep eating and to them the soul of a shinigami is particularly yummy. We then see a hollow looking at the birdcage.

    Luckily Chad has superhuman strength and managed to catch the steel bar on his back, although he does get a bit of a cut. The parakeet then thanks Chad for saving it and introduces itself as Yuuichi Shibata. It then asks Chad for his name. All of the others are stunned because it seems to understand what's going on, but Chad calmly introduces himself.

    Later we see Ichigo and Rukia on the school roof for lunch. Ichigo is amazed at how Rukia healed his wounds and she says she got top grades in Kidou so it's nothing. After some fun conversation involving Asano Keigo and Kojima, Ichigo's friends, (during which they're introduce themselves to Rukia), Chad shows up with parakeet (and a lot of bandaged spots). When asked about the bandages he tells them about the steel beam but adds that he got hit by a motorcycle and took the cyclist to the hospital, which is why he got to school late. Then Shibata introduces himself. Ichigo's friends are amazed by it, but Ichigo immediately realizes there's a ghost in the parakeet. He asks Chad where he got it, and Chad gives a very abbreviated answer. However, Rukia says it's a weak one and won't cause any harm so they'll take care of it later that night. She's pleased that Ichigo has started to worry about others after sensing a ghost, though. At this point Ichigo punches Rukia's straw in the juicebox since she was having trouble figuring it out the whole time on the roof.

    At this point Ichigo tells her about his first meeting with Chad. He was getting beat up by some people over his hair color and the guy was using brass knuckles. Chad ends up saving Ichigo by hitting the guy with a concrete block. After that the gang starts beating Chad up, but he doesn't do anything to save himself (although it didn't really seem to be bothering him that much, even if he was getting hit in the abdomen with brass knuckles).

    When Ichigo returns home there's chaos because of a nearby traffic accident. Saying Ichigo would just get in the way, he sits in a corner until they have a really large patient they need him to help carry. That patient happens to be Chad, still carrying around the parakeet. Karin gets freaked out when she sees the parakeet. When they remove Chad's shirt they find a very large, oddly-shaped burn on his back. Ichigo realizes it was caused by a hollow immediately. At this point Chad attempts to leave and collapses on the floor. They take him to a hospital bed. When he returns to his room, Rukia confirms Ichigo's suspicions.

    In her bed, Karin is having trouble sleeping. It seems like she's worrying over the parakeet. Then there's the commercial break.

    The next morning Karin feels bad and doesn't want breakfast and Chad is discovered to be missing! Next we see Ichigo running down a street and he runs into Rukia at the intersection. Ichigo asks her if she's seen Chad. She says she hasn't seen him and she hasn't gotten information from Soul Society via the denreishinki. She adds that Soul Society can only detect hollows that are on earth, but usually they hide in the dimension between worlds. Ichigo is worried about him, but then comes up with the bright idea of trying to find the spirit in the parakeet Chad was carrying. Rukia says it's impossible, but Ichigo ignores her.

    Next we see Chad wandering with Shibata's cage in a construction site. Shibata apologizes for causing bad luck like all his owners as Chad enters a building. Shibata asks Chad to leave him, but Chad says he won't.

    Next we see Karin lying in bed at home, sick. It then shows Shibata and then Karin gets out of bed, saying she needs to tell Ichigo something.

    Back with Ichigo and Rukia, Rukia thinks how she cannot sense such a weak spirit from this distance (plus the spirit has mingled with the parakeet's soul, which make it that much harder to detect). Suddenly these white things like ticker tape appear around Ichigo. He opens his eyes and grabs one, saying he's found it, and runs off. Rukia thinks that was spirit threads, or a visualization of a spirit's aura, and only high-level shinigami can do it. Stunned, she follows him.

    We next see Chad hiding in the room. Shibata tries to get him to let him go and Chad refuses again. Then there's an explosion behind Chad and they realize they've been found. Chad runs off, telling the parakeet he'll definitely save its mother. When he exits the building he runs into Rukia and Ichigo, but turns and runs in the other direction. They chase after him, only to get stopped by Karin, who is still sick. Not wanting to loose Chad again, but not wanting to leave Karin there, they split up: Rukia tails Chad while Ichigo takes Karin home. On the way home Karin explains that because she was closest to Shibata in age she saw his strongest memory and that's what was making her sick. And that memory was seeing his mother killed before his eyes! She begs Ichigo to save him.

    Rukia continues to chase Chad, but because of the limitations of her artificial body, she's having trouble catching up to him. Then she hears a voice saying she smells tasty. The hollow is right behind her! She manages to dodge the hollow's attack, though. It's amazed that she did and that she seems to be able to see it. She even manages to attack it and then tries to do some kidou on it, but that fails to injure it at all.

    Chad hears the sounds of Rukia and the hollow fighting and Shibata explains what's going on. At this point Chad puts Shibata's cage down and goes to help her. Shibata protests saying it's too dangerous, so Chad moves the cage up on top of a wall. Shibata says he meant that Chad cannot even see ghosts, but Chad leaves anyway.

    At this point the hollow realizes she's a shinigami, just a very weak one. It says it's eaten two shinigami that tried to save the parakeet, and Rukia realizes it's been following the parakeet around, but it won't say why unless she lets it eat her.

    Back with Ichigo, Karin begs him to tell Shibata that if he passes on he can see his mother.

    Differences in chapter 7 to chapter 9:
    • They don't show the shadowy world with the Grand Fisher talking about how good a shinigami's soul tastes. Nor do they show the hollow looking at the birdcage immediately after.
    • It's not clear if Rukia ever figures out how to drink out of the juicebox.
    • Ichigo gets bullied by some gang members on the roof about his hair color and Chad makes his entrance by beating up the gang members.
    • Ichigo doesn't tell Rukia how he first met Chad.
    • Karin worrying in bed about the parakeet is not shown.
    • The first place Ichigo goes when looking for Chad is school. Right after this Karin sick is shown sick in the bathroom with Yuzu and a friend of theirs named Midoriko Toono. She decides to leave school early and bullies Yuzu and Midori into cooperating. Next Ichigo meets up with Rukia, but rather than having them meet at an intersection, Rukia jumps over a wall.
    • Ichigo finds Chad's location before it shows Shibata telling him to leave him (and immediately after Shibata does that, the hollow attacks them.) Karin is not shown in bed at all.
    • Chad cannot see the hollow at all.
    • The order of the events after Rukia and Ichigo split up is different. It shows Ichigo getting home right after the hollow shows up behind Rukia. Then Rukia attacks the hollow and it figures out she's a shinigami. Finally, Chad hears noise from the fighting and goes to help Rukia.
    • It doesn't show Karin begging Ichigo to tell Shibata that if he passes on he can see his mother.
    • There's a scene where Yuzu wants to go home because she's worried about Karin. Midoriko asks her what she should do because the teacher won't believe her.
  5. Punch the Unseen Enemy!
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 9 to chapter 12
    Characters Appearing - Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Yuuichi Shibata, Shrieker
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Karakura, Kurosaki Clinic
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - hell, hollow, shinigami, soul burial, soul cutter, Soul Society

    We see a brief flashback of Rukia attacking the hollow and attempting to use kidou on it. It then realizes she's a shinigami.

    Next we see Ichigo running home. Then he's at home tucking Karin into bed. He thinks about before his mother died both Yuzu and Karin were crybabies, but after Yuzu tried to filled his mother's place in terms of housework. Karin, on the hand, was determined never to cry again so she didn't worry anybody - not even when she got in trouble with the principal or when she broke her leg or when she got beat up by a 6th grader. So her crying is a big deal and makes him more determined to do what it takes to save the parakeet. As he's thinking this he's running back to help out Chad and Rukia. We then see the title: this week Shibata in his cage with a feather.

    By this time the hollow has Rukia pinned to a wall and is asking her to come out of her artificial body. It gets interrupted when Chad shows up and punches it. Chad is surprised he hit it and Rukia thinks he might be able to see the hollow until he starts punching far away from where the hollow is. However, Chad is lucky and manages to land a second punch. Rukia's stunned that he can be so calm when he can't see it. The hollow, meanwhile, gets annoyed and starts flying so Rukia tells Chad to stop punching (he's a bit surprised that she can see it, though). He has other ideas, though, and uproots a telephone pole to hit it once Rukia points him in the right direction.

    It seems like they have the hollow beat, but then it calls on some reinforcements - these little dog-like creatures. They pin down both Rukia and Chad and then the hollow gloats that shinigami stupidly assume it has no allies just because they fight it alone for awhile. However, Chad doesn't stay pinned down for long before he throws all of them off and starts punching into thin air again. He connects after Rukia again points him in the right direction, and the hollow takes to the air again, this time too high to be reached even by phone poles. This time Rukia has Chad launch her at the hollow, but before she can hit it, one of dog-like creatures squeezes its head and pops out a bunch of leeches at Rukia, which attach to her and knock her back to the ground. The hollow lands and makes its tongue vibrate like a tuning fork, causing the leeches on Rukia to explode. It gloats more as some of its allies show up with Shibata in his birdcage. He threatens to blow it up unless it can chase Rukia while Chad does nothing, so Rukia tells Chad to stay and runs off.

    After running and most of the time successfully dodging the leeches (she gets hit once), the hollow tells her she can try to fight if she wants. Eventually she stops, and claims she wants to counterattack. After the commercial break we see it's because Ichigo has returned. He jumps on the hollow's head and yells at Rukia for taking on more than she could handle. Rukia retorts only someone who's worried would say stuff like that, and then the hollow gets mad at Ichigo for standing on its head. Ichigo jumps off and then says the hollow should fight him.

    The hollow comments Ichigo smells even better than Rukia and then attacks him. Luckily Rukia has put on her glove and punches out Ichigo's soul just in time. They battle, and Rukia warns Ichigo about the leeches. Ichigo comments that this hollow is a complete jerk. Then Chad runs up with Shibata's birdcage (Ichigo took care of the dog-things that were threatening to blow it up before he met up with Rukia). He's startled to see Ichigo's body on the ground when she tells him to take Ichigo's body and the parakeet to someplace safe. Rukia then tells him that Ichigo's in the middle of a battle.

    Rather than getting hit by the leeches, Ichigo has been cutting up the dog-things. Unfortunately the leeches spilled out of their wounds all around Ichigo and the hollow blew them up. Luckily, that wasn't enough to kill Ichigo or even wound him and Ichigo puts his sword to its neck. He then asks it if it's the one that killed Shibata's mother.

    Back with Rukia, Chad, and Shibata, Shibata apologizes for everything, saying it's because he wanted to bring his mother back to life. Rukia is shocked that someone told him it was possible.

    Meanwhile, the hollow answer Ichigo, "Yes." It goes on to explain that in life it was a serial killer and that Shibata's mom was his last victim. He enjoyed chasing her around as she tried to protect Shibata, but at last cornered her on the balcony and killed her. However, Shibata grabbed his shoelaces and caused him to fall to his death. To punish Shibata, the hollow put his soul in the parakeet and told him if he could run for 3 months, the hollow would bring his mother back to life (although it couldn't do that.) It would then kill the humans that tried to protect Shibata and when Shibata complained it'd say something about his mother to force Shibata to continue the game. This makes Ichigo angry and the hollow takes advantage of it by shooting some leeches at it, which Ichigo catches in his hand. But when it sticks out its tongue to make them explode, Ichigo shoves the hand with the leeches in its mouth through its teeth and pulls out its tongue. He then cleanly slices its head. However, he's startled when a huge gate appears from the hollow's broken mask. Rukia walks up and explains that's the gate of hell. A soul cutter can only cleanse a hollow of its sins after death. For those hollows that have committed a lot of sins in life, the gates of hell open and they descend into hell. The hollow's body is then pierced by a giant hand holding a sword. After that the gate closes and then breaks apart.

    After that they return to Chad and Shibata. Rukia attempts to return him to his body, but it's been too long and she can find no trace of his body. Shibata is crestfallen, at least until Ichigo says that although he can't come back to life, he can get sent on to Soul Society, where his mother is. Rukia adds that Soul Society is a nice place where you won't get hungry and your body is light. Before he gets sent off, however, Shibata thanks Chad and Chad asks if they can run around together again after he dies. After that Ichigo sends him to Soul Society. Then you see Karin asleep in bed thanking Ichigo.

    Differences in chapter 9 to chapter 12:
    • Rukia explains Chad can hit the hollow even if he can't see it because all humans have high spirit density masses.
    • A scene is shown of a grandfather and a grandson watching TV when the power goes out because of Chad uprooting the telephone pole.
    • There's a scene after Ichigo jumps on the hollow's head with Chad wondering if that was Ichigo while Shibata tells him that it's ok for them to move now.
    • It explains that the dog-things are actually excretions from the hollow, have little free will, and can't feel pain.
    • After pulling out its tongue, Ichigo cuts off one of its legs to try to make it feel what it's like to be afraid for its life. Then it tries to fly away and Ichigo slices its mask.
    • You can see the face that goes along with the arm that's holding the sword which stabs the hollow.
    • You see the parakeet's back after Ichigo performs the soul burial on Shibata.
  6. Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 13 to chapter 15
    Characters Appearing - Keigo Asano, Tatsuki Arisawa, Jinta Hanakari, Orihime Inoue, Mizuiro Kojima, Kon, Ryou Kunieda, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki, Mahana Natsui, Michiru Ogawa, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Tessai Tsukabishi, Ururu Tsumugiya, Kisuke Urahara
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Karakura, Karakura High, Karakura Primary, Urahara's Store
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - denreishinki, hollow, memory changer, mod soul, shinigami, soul cutter, Soul Society

    The episode starts with Rukia sitting alone on the school roof examining her memory changer and the condition of her body. She decides she needs to get more supplies. We then see the title screen: a bunch of grey dots with only one lit up.

    The next morning Ichigo is at home and knocking on the door of his closet so he can give Rukia breakfast. He's surprised to see she's not there. Then at the breakfast table, Isshin and Yuzu discuss Ichigo's altered habits. This earns Isshin a kick in the face from Ichigo.

    Rukia is now outside of Urahara Store where two kids are playing (or rather the boy, Jinta, is picking on the girl, Ururu.) The store is closed, but they let her in anyway. Tessai, the employee working inside, is just about to get the owner when Kisuke Urahara himself comes out. He turns out to be the guy wearing Japanese sandles that we saw the foot of earlier. He recognizes Rukia and offers some new products from the other world. She ends up getting the cheapest fuel and something to help her use her body better. After that Rukia asks if her order arrived and Urahara replies that it has. He then asks Ururu to get it from the back, and she finds it in a box marked "merchandise." Rukia's a bit disappointed that it's only the second most popular one, but takes it. He then gives her a vague warning about not being able to hide it forever.

    Back at school, Rukia shows up and after dodging some questions about being late, asks Ichigo to come with her so they can talk. Ichigo says they can talk there, so she punches him and drags him out of the classroom, claiming to be taking him to the nurse's office. Everyone is a bit stunned that she punched him.

    On the roof she hands him her order - what looks like a pez dispenser marked "Soul Candy." She explains that it is used to force a soul out of a body (and is usually used on a dead body whose spirit doesn't want to leave.) It will also replace the soul with a temporary one (which has a specially crafted personality) so no one will even notice that Ichigo's soul is not really there. Ichigo doesn't understand how it works very well, so Rukia has him try it. His soul does indeed pop out, but he's not very impressed with the temporary soul's personality - it doesn't seem like him at all. However, just then Rukia receives orders about a hollow from her denreisenki and drags Ichigo away whether he likes it or not. As he's being dragged away, Ichigo reminds him to go back to the classroom. After they leave Ichigo's body looks a bit creepy and says "Take your time."

    Meanwhile, at Urahara's Store, Urahara has just discovered that the box Ururu took Rukia's order from was actually marked "Poor Merchandise." Next you see all of the employees have gathered what to do about the situation. They need to act quick because there's no telling what the guy in Ichigo's body (from here he will be referred to as Kon for reasons that will be explained later) will do once he obtains a body.

    At the school, Kon tests out Ichigo's body by stretching and then kicking a wall (and seriously denting it). This attracts the attention of a teacher, and he really freaks the guy out by walking towards him and then jumping clear over him and onto the roof nearly 30 feet away. Kon thinks he's surprised and the guy drops to his knees.

    In the classroom it's lunchtime. One of Orihime's friends, Chizuru, a lesbian, makes a pass at her as Orihime eats her odd lunch of a loaf of bread and sweet bean paste. Moments later Kon shows up in the classroom by jumping from the ground up to the second floor.

    Next we see Ichigo fighting and disposing of a hollow. He then says he has a bad feeling.

    After the commercial break, everyone in the classroom is staring at Kon. This gives Kon a good opportunity to examine the girls. He ends up making a pass at Orihime (because of her huge breasts) and Tatsuki tries to protect her. Chaos insues.

    Ichigo has managed to take care of the hollow and is racing back to the classroom. Rukia doesn't understand why and Ichigo says he has a bad feeling. It turns out with good reason because when they arrive back at the school someone has chucked a desk out of his classroom window. Tatsuki is the one doing the desk tossing at Kon because he kissed her on the cheek. Everyone else in the class is totally scared. Rukia then shows up at the classroom door and Kon runs to the window. However, Ichigo jumps in through the window and the two of them brawl (though Kon has the upper hand with his kicks). Ichigo eventually goes crashing through a ton of desks and upsetting them. Most of the class is staring at Kon, but Orihime seems like she might see Ichigo because her eyes stay fixed on him the entire time. At this point, Kon jumps out the window, lands safely, and takes off running at rocket speeds. As Rukia watches him run, she realizes Kon is a Mod Soul. After that Ichigo and Rukia follow him.

    In the classroom some comments that Tatsuki standing in the middle of the destruction looks nothing so much as a demon. Chizuru tries to console them about what happened, but Inoue says it wasn't really Ichigo.

    Ichigo and Rukia, meanwhile, have lost Kon and Ichigo's body. He's totally freaked out about Kon kissing Tatsuki, but Rukia thinks it's nothing because of all the trashy novels she's read to practice modern Japanese. She then starts explaining what a Mod Soul is. They were created as part of Operation Spearhead as soul specifically designed for combat. The general idea is they would insert them into dead human bodies and use them for combat. Most Mod Souls have super-human abilites in one area, such as singing well, running fast, being smart, hearing well, or being strong. However, this operation was cancelled before it even got its feet off the ground and all the Mod Souls were ordered to be destroyed. Kon somehow managed to escape this, and since he obviously has enhanced leg abilites is an "underpod" type. Ichigo wonders how Kon must feel, being slated to die so soon after he was born and then finally managing to get a body, but being afraid that he'll get captured and killed.

    Kon is actually having a ball, though, jumping 30 feet high and he skips down a random street and drawing everyone's attention. Kon eventually comes across a couple boys at Karakura Primary who are skipping their physical education class so they can play video games. One of them causually deletes a video game character he created earlier and doesn't like now. This really makes Kon angry and he starts attacking them. Ichigo shows up just in time to protect them from a very dangerous kick.

    Differences in chapter 13 to chapter 15:
    • Instead of Yuzu and Isshin discussing Ichigo at the breakfast, Yuzu shows up in Ichigo's room and yells at him for eating breakfast upstairs.
    • Before they bring up Rukia's special order, Urahara and Rukia arrange for her to pay from bounty credits from the hollows Ichigo's taken care of, Acid Wire, Fishbone D, Hexapodus, and Shrieker. He only gets bounties from Shrieker.
    • Urahara doesn't give Rukia a warning about not being able to hide forever.
    • Before Rukia shows up at school, Keigo and Mizuiro play with Chad's parakeet and are disappointed when it doesn't talk as well. Chad tells him it was simply like that when he woke up this morning.
    • There's a short scene showing Ururu sweeping the floor with a broom, happy to have helped out.
    • Chizuru says something about wanting to eat Orihime (in a lesbian kinda way) when she sees Orihime eating lunch. After this Tatsuki tries to protect Orihime and then Orihime starts sniffing around the window, saying she can smell Ichigo. Then Kon jumps in.
    • Chad, Keigo, and Mizuiro are not in the classroom during lunch and do not witness the whole incident with Kon. Instead, they have lunch on the roof as usual and only see the aftermath. When they do show up, they see Tatsuki standing in the rubble like a demon.
    • Rather than fighting Ichigo, Kon merely jumps over him and out the window. They don't hint that Orihime can see Ichigo.
    • Ogawa and Chizuru, shocked at the events with "Ichigo," wonder if that scary-faced girl was Rukia or not once she and Ichigo have left the classroom.
    • A scene with Keigo, Mizuiro, and Chad returning and seeing Tatsuki standing in the rubble is left out. After they show up a teacher and has the same reaction (she's a demon stannding in the rubble). Ryou covers for Tatsuki and Ichigo by saying a random stranger showed up and Tatsuki defended them. The teacher then tells them to clean up the classroom and leaves. Later it shows Keigo fretting over his crumpled desk.
    • Kon is not shown attacking the kids (he only breaks their game) and Ichigo doesn't show up to protect them.
  7. Greetings From a Stuffed Animal
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 15 to chapter 17
    Characters Appearing - Keigo Asano, Tatsuki Arisawa, Grand Fisher, Jinta Hanakari, Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Mizuiro Kojima, Kon, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, Masaki Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki, Michiru Ogawa, Eikichirou Saidou, Tessai Tsukabishi, Ururu Tsumugiya, Unnamed Hollow, Kisuke Urahara
    Kidou - None
    Locations - Karakura, Karakura High, Karakura Primary, Kurosaki Clinic, Soul Society
    Released Soul Cutters - None
    Relevant Terminology - denreishinki, hollow, memory changer, mod soul, shinigami, soul cutter

    As a translation note, the title of this episode is actually a pun on Kon's name since the word for "hello" or "greeting" Japanese has "kon" in it.

    The episode starts by recapping the explanation of what a mod soul is while showing Kon jumping, kicking, and running fast to illustrate his abilities. Next we see Urahara's Store, where all of the employees have finished their preparations for retrieving Kon - Ururu has this huge wrapped package, Jinta has some sort of bat, but both Urahara and Tessai are apparently unarmed. They set off. We next see the episode title: a plushy lion with a thought bubble.

    Back at Karakura Primary, the slacker students see Kon fighting Ichigo (but of course they can't see Ichigo) so they don't get what's going on. This time Ichigo's more calm so he's holding his own better. Rather than continue fighting, Kon decides to run off, but Ichigo is prevented from following by the appearance of more orders on the denreishinki about another hollow.

    Meanwhile, the kids with the video games shout for the teacher and she comes running. The kids claim a high school kid with orange hair showed up and attacked them. She doesn't believe them, however. Kon, who's running away on some rooftop, is mad at them for destroying something they created so casually. But then he senses a hollow near those kids.

    The kids are griping about their teacher as they clean up as punishment, unaware that a centipede-like hollow is looming over them.

    Meanwhile, Rukia's denreishinki has gone off again. She says it's acting up and she can't locate the hollow.

    Back at the school, the hollow is about to attack the kids, but Kon manages to get there in time to push them out of the way. Kon starts fighting the hollow and when he gets torn up by the hollow and starts bleeding. At this point the kids freak out and flee.

    When Ichigo and Rukia show up they find Kon on the school roof fighting the hollow. As soon as Ichigo realizes it's Kon, he speeds off ahead angrily, leaving Rukia behind. Just in time, too. He manages to save Kon from getting killed by the hollow. At first Kon is touched, until Ichigo tells him off for getting his body hurt. After that the two start arguing, seemingly oblivious to the hollow, until it tries to butt in and gets a face full of both Sword Cutter and Kon's foot. This breaks up the argument, however, since Kon dashes off to kick the hollow up in the air. He nearly gets himself killed by falling off the building, but Ichigo manages to catch him by the shirt. At first he's mad because hollows disappear once they're killed, but then realizes Kon did it to stop it from falling on the video game kids. Kon says he doesn't want to kill anything because of he was born the day before Operation Spearhead was cancelled, and spent so much time afraid of getting destroyed. Their conversation is interrupted when Urahara and company show up. Urahara simply takes his cane and shoves Kon out of Ichigo's body with its tip. After that he picks up Kon-the-Soul-Candy and says the retrieval operation is complete. Ichigo tries to stop him from taking Kon away and is startled that Urahara can see him. Rukia finally arrives and takes Kon from Urahara and after haggling convinces him to let her keep Kon.

    After the commercial break we see Rukia and Ichigo walking down the street. Ichigo's shoulder is hurting so he starts yelling at Kon-the-Soul-Candy. He wants to complain to Kon directly and Rukia says they need a dead body for that. Ichigo says there's no way they'll find something like that and takes a stuffed lion out of a trash pile and sticks Kon-the-Soul-Candy in its mouth. Rukia thinks that her body isn't actually real flesh either but thinks that's still going to far. However, it actually works and Kon challenges Ichigo to a fight... till he realizes how tiny he is. Ichigo ends up beating Kon up.

    The next morning we see Ichigo at home getting woken up by Kon. Ichigo gets mad, tosses him at the closet door, calls him Kon, and tells him to be quiet. He named him Kon because it's short for "Kaizou Konpaku," the Japanese word for modified soul, and because "Kai" sounded cool and pissed Ichigo off.

    Anyway, Rukia comes out of the closet and steps on Kon, giving him a good panty shot angle. After he says as much, she stomps on him. But since Yuzu is about to come in the room, Ichigo shoves both of them in the closet. Yuzu tells him Mizuiro and Keigo are already there and Ichigo realizes he's woken up late for school. He tells them he'll be down shortly and then confirms that Rukia erased the class's memories.

    Rukia says she'll go to school ahead of him, and then Ichigo realizes it's June 16th. He starts acting a bit moody, but won't say why.

    At school Inoue, Ogawa, and Tatsuki are discussing a picture of their future selves that they had to do as an assignment. Tatsuki did one of her winning some sort of fighting championship, Inoue did one of herself as a weird robot, and Ogawa is too embarassed to show hers. During this we see Uryuu Ishida sewing some sort of embroidery. Just then Ichigo walks in and Inoue greets him. He greets her back in a happy voice, and Ogawa wonders if he's a good mood. After Tatsuki realizes what day it is, she tells Inoue and Ogawa that Ichigo won't be at school the next day.

    That evening at home Ichigo's family is having a meeting. It sounds as if they're going on some sort of trip or maybe a picnic. Afterwards you see Yuzu and Karin sound asleep in the same bed although they each have their own single bed. Rukia asks Ichigo what they're doing tomorrow, and Ichigo asks Rukia for a day off shinigami work. Rukia tells him that's impossible and asks what's been up with him all day. Ichigo replies that it's the anniversary of his mother's death, but then amends it to say his mother was killed.

    It then starts raining and Inoue thinks about Ichigo and what Tatsuki said earlier. She wonders if she was the rain, which binds the sky and earth, would she be able to bind two hearts together. Meanwhile Ichigo, asleep in bed, dreams he is walking along a river on a rainy day when he's about 8 or so with his mother and sees a girl by the river's edge. She begins to walk into the river and Ichigo runs after her to stop her. His mother yells at him, and the next thing you see is Ichigo's mother sprawled on the ground, dead.

    Rukia, on the other hand, is lying awake in bed, thinking.

    Next you see a bunch of kids in and old looking town with dirt roads and old-style Japanese buildings (probably Soul Society). They're playing with tops, and among them is one adult wearing black: a shinigami. A second shinigami with his face and hair covered by black cloth, shows up and the first shinigami stops playing with the kids so they can talk. He gives one of them something, and they run off happy. The second shinigami tells him he's to investigate Rukia for exceeding her time limit on earth. He also says there has to be something under the surface.

    Differences in chapter 16 to chapter 17:
    • Instead of fighting Kon at the primary school, Rukia tries to ask a fruit vendor where Kon has gone and nearly gets scammed. While she's doing this, her cell goes off to tell her about the hollow at Karakura Primary. Kon, on the other hand, merely destroys the kid's video games and runs off.
    • When the teacher talks to the video game kids, the rest of the class, including Yuzu, Karin, and their friend Midoriko Toono, are there as well.
    • Once the primary school kids are shown cleaning up and the hollow appears, Kon immediately shows up to fight it. There is nothing about Rukia's cell acting up or not being able to locate the hollow. Since Rukia and Ichigo had not yet arrived at the school, her cell leads them to it and Kon.
    • Rather than fight the hollow, Kon tries to get the kids to leave and gets hurt that way.
    • When Kon kicks up the hollow and nearly falls off the building, it is to save the ants, not the kids, who were not in any danger.
    • After Rukia gets Kon-the-Soul-Candy, she and Ichigo see a news story about Kon jumping around Karakura. Then it shows Urahara walking, saying this will be trouble.
    • It describes how Kon ends up a lion plushy as Ichigo remembering the events, rather than showing them.
    • Only Mizuiro shows up to go to school with Ichigo.
    • Urahara erased the class's memories.
    • Ishida is not there.
    • You see Yuzu and Karin asleep in the same bed after the meeting although they each have their own separate twin bed.
    • All of the scenes after Ichigo saying his mother was killed are not in the manga. The two shinigami characters never appear in the manga either.
  8. June 17, Memories in the Rain
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 18 to chapter 21
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 19 to chapter 21:
    • Nothing!
  9. The Undefeatable Enemy
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 22 to chapter 25
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 22 to chapter 25:
    • Nothing!
  10. An Unexpected Assault During the Sacred Ground Trip!
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 27 to chapter 32
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 27 to chapter 32:
    • Nothing!
  11. The Legendary Quincy
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 33 to chapter 36
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 33 to chapter 36:
    • Nothing!
  12. The Gentle Right Arm
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 37 to chapter 40
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 37 to chapter 40:
    • Nothing!
  13. The Flowers and a Hollow
    Air Date - December 28, 2004
    Corresponding Manga Chapters - chapter 41 to chapter 44
    Characters Appearing -
    Kidou -
    Locations -
    Released Soul Cutters -
    Relevant Terminology -

    Summary coming soon!

    Differences in chapter 41 to chapter 44:
    • Nothing!